Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Disney World Star Wars Weekends 2012 part 3 (Epcot)

We didn't do the World Showcase because we would be heading back to EPCOT for dinner, we decided to do it before and after dinner using the time we had in between to head back to the hotel to do a little swimming. The pool at the POFQ is cool, it's big and is able to handle a lot of people the slide is fun but our once brave little girl who would go up and down them slide with reckless abandon now wanted no parts of it! Women....even at an early age I still can't figure them out! After swimming we got cleaned up and headed back to EPCOT by way of the Beachclub, we took a cab to the Beachclub since they're within walking distance of the International Gateway and it gave us a chance to walk around a hotel that we like. Before dinner we made our way back to Canada to pick up a Duffy for our daughter to color and get stamped and she managed to get my wife to get a Duffy for her to color as well and we figured what the heck we'll get our Duffy stamped too! We headed to Via Napoli for dinner I learned that when translated to English Via Napoli means BEST PIZZA ON PROPERTY! Finally a good slice of pizza at WDW!!!


My wife went with the Piccante pizza which has spicy sausage, tomato and mozzarella, I opted to build my own and went with pepperoni and prosciutto and had to make sure I pronounced it correctly--growing up in South Philly we have an interesting take on the way some Italian words are pronounced here we call it gravy not sauce and one of the meats we eat it brazhut (prosciutto everywhere else!) I made sure not to look like an imbecile and ask for it correctly since our waitress was a real Italian and I'm just a fugazi. Our daughter went with the fruit cocktail and in the ham and cheese calzone, the fruit cocktail was fresh ripe fruit that she enjoyed and the calzone would have made George Steinbrenner giddy (watch Seinfeld to understand) with how good it was. This was our first of what I will now say will be many trips to this restaurant. After we finished World Showcase we jumped in a cab and headed back to the hotel for sleep tomorrow I'll be getting up early for Star Wars weekend!

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  1. I didn't realize that you could get such gourmet style pizza at disney...My picture of Disney pizza is something much more flat and greasy. This is such a nice surprise!

  2. That pizza looks amazing! All I remember from eating at Disneyworld where the huge turkey legs :)

  3. That looks like some delicious food :) It seems like you had a great time! Some day we will plan a trip to Disney World, but for now, Disneyland will have to do. My mom wants to go there to celebrate her birthday (but it is in December) so we will likely celebrate it later in the year when it might not be as crowded and my kids aren't in school.

  4. The pizza and ice cream look fantastic! I am hungry now :) Looks like a great place.


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