Friday, May 25, 2018

A sit down with Woody Harrelson “Tobias Beckett” from Solo: A Star Wars Story! In theaters today! #HanSoloEvent #HanSolo

****Disney provided an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event, all opinions are 100% my own ****

Recently I was very fortunate to be able to join in on an interview with Woody Harrelson, the Emmy Award winning, and Academy Award nominated actor who is best known for his movie roles in White Men Can't Jump, Natural Born Killers, The People vs. Larry Flynt and many more. Now Woody Harrelson is entering the Star Wars universe as Tobias Beckett, in Solo: A Star Wars Story and we were ready to chat with him about it. What drew him to the part? What was it like working with Alden? If he could be any character from the original Star Wars Trilogy, who would it be? Read on to find out more!
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Q:    When you play a variety of roles both on TV, Film, what specifically made you interested in this character for Solo.

Woody Harrelson: What drew me to the part?  I was in London and I was shooting, I did this movie "Lost in London" which I wrote and directed and I did that just before.  I was gonna go home and then they were like well, we want you to meet these guys Phil and Chris about doing this Solo…so I was like, OK, well you know, I was planning on going home but sure, let's meet.  We'll talk...
Because I felt like my family was tired of being told I'm definitely done after this and then … so I was scared.  Then I met them, great guys and then I did decide not to do it ironically.  Same with "Hunger Games."  Same thing happened and the same Producer Ali Schermer who's an incredible lady who would not take No for an answer the first time and luckily, she didn't take No the second time. And the No wasn't so much about being involved with this as just like I really did kind of say I was gonna take time off, which I am doing now, right after we finish the Press on this.  I'm gonna take the rest of the year off.

Q:    What is it about this character that sets it apart from any other character you've portrayed? 

WH:    I wouldn't say that far distant.  I have played other scoundrels and thieves and criminals before so but none in Space.  

Thursday, May 24, 2018

A chat with Phoebe Waller-Bridge who plays the sassiest female droid, "L3-37" from Solo: A Star Wars Story, in theaters 5/25/18! #HanSoloEvent #HanSolo

****Disney provided an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event, all opinions are 100% my own ****

Only 2 more days until Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters, I am excited to see this again with my family, to get you even more excited to see the film I have a great interview to share with you all. Recently in LA we sat down for a chat with the talked writer and actor, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. I never had the chance to talk to a droid before… so this was pretty cool… Read on to learn more about how it was to play L3-37, Star Wars sassiest droid. 
Q:   I read that prior to being cast for this role that you didn't know anything about Star Wars? 

PWB:  I did know about Star Wars.  I hadn't seen any of the films.  I think there's, five of us in the world! Which I think in some ways might've worked in my favor.  Especially from the droid perspective, because I was very loose in the audition with the idea of what a droid was. They were, like, "Wow, you're taking the story thing very lightly."  And I'm like, "Oh.  Is she not a person?"  I loved the film so much.  I'm completely obsessed now.  
Q:    You were actually in costume and acting along with the characters.  Tell us about that process of putting on the costume?

PWB:   I had loads of fittings.  I mean, the weirdest thing is, you get a kind of scan at the very beginning.  I got a scan of my whole body, and then they'd build a complete replica of your body.  Then they'd build this suit around it, so it fits perfectly.  I had, this green suit, skin-tight, really attractive, green, leotard.  Then, on top of that, I had the kind of legs drilled onto me, and the arms, and the chest plate, and then the head. It was amazing, but it was heavy.  It was the first time that they'd created a droid that kind of move properly and be more flexible.  I could move all of my joints.  Because she's a self-made droid, so she created herself to flexible, bigger, faster, stronger, than any other droids that she would've met.   

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Exclusive interview with Joonas Suotamo “Chewbacca” in Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters 5/25! #HanSoloEvent #HanSolo

****Disney provided an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event, all opinions are 100% my own ****

Recently I was able to interview the one and only Chewbacca, portrayed by Joonas Suotamo. This was such an exciting experience, Joonas Suotamo was such a presence, from his great personality to his physical presence (he was so tall!) he really gets noticed, and we could not wait to chat with him. How did Joonas feel about playing Chewbacca? Was the costume difficult to act in? How has playing basketball helped with his portrayal of Chewbacca? Read on to find out more!
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Q: How did you make the jump from pro basketball player to starring as Chewbacca? Tell us the transition and how you got the role?

Joonas Suotamo:  I got the role out of the blue sky came a call one day from the Finnish Basketball Association, who had received a request for such person who has blue eyes, is seven feet tall. Yeah, anyone could find that guy. And the casting was pretty desperate at that point to find one. They called me and I said immediately I’m interested. Didn’t take a second to think about it. Because we didn’t know what the role was. So, I just said, yes, whatever it is, I’m in.  I filmed a video of me playing a caveman, half naked in my old high school gym. Just for them to see, 'cause they asked for it. They wanted to see if I could do the acting required for the film. And then, four or five months it took to really go through the process. And at the end of it, I received a call, congrats, you are gonna play Chewbacca.
Q: Did years of playing basketball prepared you for the strenuous stunts and action in the film?

JS:  I think basketball certainly gifted me extra body awareness. And also the trips I made with various team and the national team of Finland and everything. I met so many wonderful players and people. And I grew, grew up to become a very social guy. And I have always observed movements and I have always observed guys on our team who run with a very specific kinda way, and I’ve always loved the fact that we are different as humans. And I’ve always tried to imitate in a very loving way my teammates and how they run.

And that has more than anything alongside with growing up with dogs and observing them when I was a kid but secretly prepared me for the role of playing Chewbacca. And on top of that, we Fins have a very rich sauna tradition. So, I can withstand heat exceptionally well. So, basically, you could say I was born to play this role.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

An Exclusive Solo: A Star Wars interview with Paul Bettany “Dryden Vos” #HanSoloEven #HanSolo

****Disney is providing an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event, all opinions are 100% my own ****

In a galaxy far, far away… we had the chance to meet up with the newest Star Wars villain Dryden Vos… Ok really it was in the US not that far away in LA when we met up with Solo: A Star Wars Story star, Paul Bettany who portrays said baddie with such flair and believably. The amazing actor is also known for his many movies, including A Beautiful mind and The Davinci Code and he is well known for his voice role as J.A.R.V.I.S. and as Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 24 great bloggers and I got the chance to sit down and chat with Paul, to see how Star Wars changed his world, and see how hard it is to jump from being a superhero to a being a villain and much more... read on to learn more!
Q:  You said before the Star Wars changed your world as a child.  Was there a moment for you on set when you kind of went, oh, my gosh, I’m in a Star Wars movie?

Paul Bettany:     Yeah, there were many moments where I went, oh, my gosh, I’m in a Star Wars movie.  And I think because Ron and I were, newcomers on the block as it were.  Everyone else had been in there for eight months or whatever.  And we were still totally un-jaded by it.  And I kept elbowing him and saying, were making a Star Wars movie.  We’re making a Star Wars movie.  And my first day in fact, was on my starship. I have a starship and I was coming down the spiral staircase and a super chic asymmetric cloak I think you probably all noticed.  And an R2 unit went by me with champagne flutes on and I went, f-, I’m in Star Wars! And that was amazing.

Q:  How did you become involved in the project?

PB:  This is a hugely embarrassing story which I shouldn’t tell you but I’ve got to tell you anyway.  I heard that my old mate, Ron, was doing it and in 1977 I saw Star Wars, right.  I was six years old and it took me out of the gray, miserable 1970’s London.  London was really depressed in the ‘70s, by the way.  So, it was just to be taken away to that universe and it was amazing. Suddenly, but now I’m in the Avengers so I think there’s no way I’m ever going to be asked to be in Star Wars.  Unless Ron Howard becomes the director.  And that happened.  I literally texted him this, I said, I said, hey, Ron, have you ever spent long winter evenings, like I have wondering why you’re not in the Star Wars franchise? That’s a true story.  And he said, you know, give me a moment.  And, LOL, give me a moment.  And two weeks later I was flying to London to shoot it. True story…if you don’t ask… 

The Boardwalk At Hersheypark is open this weekend be sure to visit this great addition to Hersheypark in #HersheyPA

Are you planning a visit to Hersheypark? Now is the best time to get planning, since Hersheypark is celebrating its 111th season and there are so many new and fun additions to cool concerts to yummy food trucks. There is so much to look forward to for summer 2018 at Hersheypark the fun has already started! This Memorial Day weekend there is a new and updated The Boardwalk At Hersheypark attractions, opening!

Two new family water attractions, Breakers Edge Water Coaster and Whitecap Racer, will open May 26 for guests to enjoy in The Boardwalk At Hersheypark. Breakers Edge Water Coaster will be the world’s first HydroMAGNETIC water coaster with flying saucer turns. This 14th coaster will provide splash-filled hills and sweet thrills at Hersheypark. Whitecap Racer will be the world’s longest mat racer. Both rides are family-friendly with a height requirement of a Reese’s category and up (42” and up). 

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