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Baby Bullet Baby Food Set Review #Giveaway

Are you the proud mommy of a baby or toddler? Would you like a better way to prepare their meals, than depend on canned baby/toddle food? What if I told you that there is a great product out there that helps you make fresh baby/toddler food at home, food that is better for your little one and can be a real money saver? Well I would like to introduce you all to The Baby Bullet, food system. Here is a little more information about the baby Bullet form the website:
Set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating and feeding. The Baby Bullet Baby Care System revolutionizes the way you’ll feed your baby for the first 3 years of life! Jarred baby food is often 10 x more expensive than homemade food and jarred food typically contains unhealthy sugars, fillers, and preservatives…. EVEN when it’s labeled organic! But, with the Baby Bullet you can make AND store an entire week’s worth of healthy baby food in under 5 minutes for less than $3.00!

There are 3 stages of baby foods, that can be made with the baby Bullet:
Plus, the all-new Baby Blend Blade is SPECIFICALLY designed to blend fruits, vegetables and combination meals from baby’s first “stage one” purees all the way up to stage 3 toddler meals…blended to perfection all with one amazing blade! And the powerful Milling Blade grinds oats, rice and other whole grains into the freshest of cereals – for just pennies a serving. In the two, 12 ounce Short Cups you can mix AND store fresh portions of baby’s favorite flavors in an instant and with the Batch Bowl you can make an entire week’s worth of fresh baby food in just seconds.

My Review:
My baby is now eight years old, she is growing up so quickly! She is becoming a little lady no longer a little girl, where has the time gone? When she was a little one, I never thought of making her baby food or toddler food at home, it was just something that never occurred to me. 

So I went out and purchased the pre made toddler and baby food from the store for my daughter. What was I thinking? I just thought that is what you did as a parent, thinking back I should have really read the labels and should not have put all of my trust in the baby food companies, when I could have easily made the food at home with the Baby bullet. I have been caring for my 11 month old niece for most of her life, and I am going to do things differently with this little girl. Making her food is something that is super easy with the Baby Bullet! I have been making all of her meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

She also has the occasional bottle, she is still a baby after all…  One of the great features that I love about the Baby Bullet food system is the ease of use, it is only a few steps and you are off making baby food that is fresh and tastes great. Yes I admit it, I have tried it, you have to make sure it tastes good right?  Everything I made tasted great, much better than jarred baby food ick… it is a wonder that babies can eat that at all. The system is BPA free and comes with everything you need to make and store your baby food quickly and easily.

 The freezer tray makes it easy to store large amounts of food and this allows you to make and store enough baby food for at least two  weeks. The storage jars are a nice size and are perfect for on the go feedings. One of my favorite stage 2 recipes is (Stage 2 is 6-8 , 8-10 months old) I found this recipe online at Momtastic, Wholesome baby food
Rice Breakfast Pudding

1/2 cup (Brown/or Jasmine) Rice (grind to barley size - don't grind if serving to a Toddler )
2 cups water
1/4 cup apples sliced into small dices or slivers
1/4 cup raisins (optional)
1/8 cup brown sugar (optional)
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger

1. Combine all of the above ingredients in a medium saucepan.
2. Cook over medium-low heat for 30 minutes or until rice is soft, fragrant and a bit soupy
3. Stir 1/8 cup milk into the rice, keep on heat for 10 more minutes. Keep a close watch to ensure that the consistency remains soupy but not pasty.
4. Stir frequently to stop sticking to the pot and add more milk or water if necessary.
5. Serve warm then transfer remaining portion to the fridge.

My niece just adores this easy to make treat. And with the handy cups, I can pre make this early in the day and I will be set! My niece also loves bananas and apple mixture I came up with. Along with a blended version of Mac and Cheese, it is blended so well my niece has no issues eating it, even though she is still waiting for her first teeth!  My daughter just loves using the blender to make her little cousins food (this is not a you though.. make sure an adult supervises at all times) and thinks the power base, with the adorable little eyes and smile is just the cutest thing ever.

For the low low price of less than $60 with free shipping you get: 

The Batchbowl- Mix large portions of baby food.
Power Base - The Power Base is the heart of the Baby Bullet system. Simply place either the Batchbowl or one of the Short Cups on to the High-Torque Power Base, press down and twist! It couldn't be easier!
Date-Dial Cups - Store your food in these adorable cups so you know exactly how fresh your food is!
Short Cups - Make smaller portions in the Short Cup - which is perfect for turning family dinner into baby's dinner in just seconds.
Stay-Fresh Lids - Keep your baby food fresh for storage or travel.
Blend Blade - Purée foods to the perfect consistency every time! From the thinnest first meal to thick textured advanced foods - the blend blade has you covered for any stage eater.
Milling Blade Turn rice into rice flour or make your own brown rice cereal with the Baby Bullet Milling Blade.
Nutrition guide, recipe book and more!

So overall I was very happy with The Baby Bullet System, the system is easy to use, easy to clean. And it looks great on my counter. But the best feature of all is the ease of making homemade baby food at home! No more paying top dollar for sub-par baby food, that is full of preservatives sugar, and salt ugh! Just knowing exactly what is going into the baby’s food is priceless I love it. 

So if you have a little one at home, or know someone that is expecting, I would highly recommend The Baby Bullet System, it would make a great gift idea. And for less than $60 the price is very affordable. There is no more reason to buy the expensive baby food at the supermarket when it is so easy to make it fresh at home!

The generous folks at The baby bullet are giving one of Susan’s Disney Family readers a chance to win a Baby Bullet System! Would you like to win? Please visit the Baby Bullet site, take a look around then come back here and tell me something you learned from the site. There are also other ways to enter, please enter below.
Buy it:

You can purchase the Baby Bullet System for $59.95 at the BabyBullet site. You can also find the Baby Bullet at various retailers online and in store across the country.

 Win it:

One winner will win the Baby Bullet system $60.00 value


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  1. With my first born I made a few things for her, with my second I made everything and I am now 24 weeks pregnant and plan to make all of the baby food for this baby as well!!!

  2. I learned that by Stage 3, you can use the Baby Bullet to blend up the same meals that everyone else in the family is eating, so that you can all eat together.

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  4. I learned which foods are best for baby at what age--good to know!!

  5. Awesome way to make food for our kids. I would be happy and grateful if i won.

  6. Awesome way to make food for the kids. I would be super happy and grateful if i won

  7. I already have the magic bullet and this just rives home how much I want the baby bullet

  8. I have been wanting one of these...my son is going to be 5 months Saturday and it would be great to be able to make his food instead of buying those jars. I feel like they rip you off as if raising a child isn't already expensive. This would be such a blessing.

  9. I learned that it's amazing and keeps chemicals, and toxins out of your baby's food.

    Maggie True Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  10. i have bee wanting to try one of these - makes it so easy to KNOW what is in your baby food because you are making it.

  11. I learned which foods are best for baby at what age

  12. I like how easy it is to clean

  13. you should squeeze out the air if freezing food in bags.

  14. There's different recipes for different ages.

  15. For my soon to be here Great Granddaughter Naomi

  16. Best to steam or broil before pureeing!

  17. that it is super easy to make baby food from scratch!

  18. My baby girl would Looove this! Fingers crossed to win! :) Its so much healthier and cheaper to make your own baby food!

  19. Suing the baby bullet helps you child eat natural food without all the preservatives.

  20. I learned that it's dishwasher safe and the there are 2 blades, one for chopping up foods such as fruits and veggies and a milling blade for harder foods like rice. I NEED THIS!

  21. I learned that you can use the Baby Bullet for toddler food too.

  22. I learned that you can use the Baby Bullet for toddler food too.

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  24. I learned that in the Accessories part of the site you can purchase a turbo steamer to sterilize bottles, pacifiers and teething toys.


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  26. My dil would love to have this. It would make an awesome gift for my beautiful new gs. We would have a blast making his food together.

  27. At stage 3 the baby can eat what you're eating, just blended.

  28. The baby can eat what you're eating (blended) when they get to stage 3

  29. I learned that the Baby Bullet System is not sold in stores

  30. Homemade baby food is the freshest, safest food you can offer your baby. Jarred baby food has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years, that means your baby's lunch could be older than your baby - YUCK! Plus, most jarred food contains preservatives and fillers, with Baby Bullet baby food, you know EXACTLY what is in your baby's food because you made it yourself!

  31. I like that I can make food for different stages/ages.

  32. I learned which foods are best to introduce and at which age too! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  33. I learned that all the nutrients are still in the food when you make it

  34. I learned hoe easy it,is to make baby food
    Julie Hawkins

  35. I learned you can get 4 yr extended warranty for only 9.99

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  36. appreciated the info re age of child and introduction of appropriate food. Not exactly the same as what my mother and mother in law think


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