Monday, November 11, 2013

YesVideo Bringing Your Old-Media Memories Into the Digital Age. #RememberWhen holiday story

I was compensated for my time on sharing the YesVideo holiday deadlines.  All opinions and family memories are 100% my own.

Do you have your memories locked away on -- home movies, audio and video tapes. Well you don’t have to have them hidden and forgotten anymore, do you know there is a place out there that will transfer your memories to home movies transferred onto DVD , and you can even share your memories on Facebook too? Well I would like to introduce you all to YesVideo.
 Here is a little more information about YesVideo from the website:

For 15 years YesVideo has helped families protect and share generations of memories, and we are now the largest and most trusted home movies transfer service worldwide. We believe in developing services that our own families would enjoy to relive those special moments forever.

I remember watching reels of family trips when I was little, I loved seeing my mother and my aunts and uncles as children on the projection screen. But the reels were always hard to use, and jumpy. And remember what happened when the reels got too hot? Well it was a loss of memories that is for sure, the reels would burn up (I know I am showing my age now…) and they may be ruined. So we only watched the reels on special occasions… 
One of my favorite memories was my daughters first New Year’s day Mummers parade. In Philadelphia New Year’s day is a big deal, we go all out we have a big party with friends and family. We visit the parade and just have a great time. I remember my daughters amazement of the parade spectacle, she just sat in awe watching all of the great props and costumes, listing to the string band music.
 Of course we had to stop at one of the stands selling new year’s paraphernalia, and we picked up a pair of 2007 glasses, my daughter looked so funny, but she loved wearing these light up glasses, she wore them for a good while! We had some great memories of this day, and It would be terrible to lose this tape to time and I will have to get this transferred to dvd to keep our memories forever!

 I think that is so sad, to only see special memories on special occasions, that is just not fair. But now there is a much better way. YesVideo is there to let you share and watch the memories as much as you want, no worries about the reels burning up, or the old vhs tape getting ruined while you watch it. You hold memories via those vhs tapes are just locked away, slowly the tape is getting brittle and you never know it just might not work one day, save it today! YesVideo also has an iPhone and iPad app so you can watch your home movies on the go or share with family and friends, be sure to download these great apps.
The process is simple Send, get your dvd, save and Share. Send YesVideo your old discs, tapes, reels, photos etc. Then YesVideo will Save your home movie memories transferred onto DVD , Then you will be able to see videos you have not seen in years, share it with friends and even post on Facebook! And don’t worry you will get your original format back as well. This would make a wonderful gift! Why not surprise mom with the family memories on a DVD, this would be a great gift that, that special someone will cherish forever! Old home movies transferred onto DVD make a unique holiday gift.
Holiday Order Deadlines:
In order to have your personal family movies transferred in time to share over the Christmas holiday all home media must be received by YesVideo in hands no later than Tuesday, December 3, 2013.  Please allow enough time for shipping!  For DVD orders and copies, you must order online by Wednesday, December 11, 2013 to receive your DVD in the mail in time for Christmas.

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I was compensated for my time on sharing the YesVideo holiday deadlines.  All opinions and family memories are 100% my own.


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  1. That does sound like something that would make a great gift!

  2. That is really neat!! It is nice to see a company do this, I am sure I have some things that need to be converted!

  3. What a fantastic idea for a thoughtful gift that is full of memories!

  4. How awesome. Definitely something I could use.

  5. This is actually scaring me a little bit because I have yet to transfer mine and they're getting really, really old!

  6. I love this! I have tons of VHS tapes that we'll be transferring over to DVD.

  7. I love this! I have so many old photos and videos that I would love to get transferred.

  8. I am so afraid to send mine away. I'm sure it is 100% safe, but those memories are so precious...All the more to get them onto DVD...

  9. I want to look for some of my old video footage so I can do this!

  10. DVDs are longer lasting than Video Home System as there are chances of the old tapes getting destroyed with time. So to conserve those very special videos, convert VHS to DVDs.


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