Monday, March 21, 2011

Lemon Ladies Orchard Review

Picture from the Lemon Ladies website.

The Lemons that the wonderful Lemon Ladies grow, are Meyer lemons, and just in case you were not sure what a Meyer lemon is, it is a cross with a mandarin orange and a lemon, they are so sweet you can eat them without the pucker of a regular lemon. The rinds are thin and make for easy zesting, so I wanted to take the opportunity to bake a few things, I made a lemon chess pie and moist lemon muffins there will be more about my baking ventures in the review below.

The Lemon Ladies were established in 2004, that is when the owner, Karen Morss began to grow these fabulous Meyer lemons, each tree on the orchard is named after a woman that has inspired Karen, and helped her acceived her goals and dreams, and this is why Karen believes the lemons are so sweet. They are a small California company that picks the lemons and send them straight to you,  the lemons are fresh and delicious. They are picked on Sunday and shipped to you on Monday.

Yummy Lemon Pie

My Review:

 We never had the opportunity to have Meyer lemons before, and boy were we missing out on something delicious! My daughter loves fruit and really loves citrus fruit, if she was an 18th century sailor she'd never have to worry about scurvy with all the lemons, limes and oranges she eats. Her eye's got big when I opened the lemons and right off the bat I knew these were no ordinary lemons, they're a little smaller than your normal lemon,  and they smell slightly sweeter, and have a hint of orange in them. Within seconds I had to cut a lemon up so the citrus queen could taste them and all I heard was mmmmmm, mmmmmm, these are good! She barely puckered! The pucker she gave me was a fake one, these lemons are so sweet you really don't pucker! She gave them a thumbs up and I had to explain that she couldn't eat all of them I needed them for baking. But she made sure I saved her a few, she ate them like an orange, she really loved them.
We decided to bake muffins and Bill Clinton's favorite lemon pie. The internet said it was his favorite, has the internet ever steered us wrong before:-)? With my helper in toe I began the process of up chopping, squeezing and zesting. And in a little while my house smelled incredible, the aroma of lemon permeated through our house and I knew that would wake my husbands sweet tooth! Next to pumpkin, lemon is his favorite pie so this was right down his alley.

The muffins were perfect and my pie was  more pudding than pie. It tasted fine, just looked a little gloopy. Gloop is good is what I got out of my husband, a muffin in one hand a plate in the other. Looks are meaningless, it's all about the taste, and the Meyer Lemon is a tasty fruit. Act quickly the Meyer Lemon season is almost over and you don't want to miss out on an incredibly sweet, aromatic and down right tasty fruit!
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