Monday, April 4, 2011

My favorite places in Walt Disney World.

The other day my husband asked me where my favorite spot or spots in WDW are. It can be a ride or queue or a place in a hotel any place really, spots are everywhere. He rambled off a list and it got me to thinking about where are my favorite spots. And in no particular order here is a list of our favorite spots.
1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Right when you enter the auction room you pass a little house on the left of the ride, the balcony kind of hangs out over the rides. My husband has stated on more than one ocassion that if he could spend a night in a ride that's where he'd want to sleep on that balcony of the little house.
2. The stone benches across from Aloha Isle. One of my favorite things is a Dole Whip, and what I really enjoy doing is getting a Dole Whip and getting my spot on the bench to people watch. The Dole Whip seems to taste better sitting on that bench.
 3. Tattooine traders. My husband can spend both time and money easily there. And it's kind of sad but I spelled Tattooine without having to Google it. Being married to a Star Wars geek I guess I learn by osmosis:-)! It feels right is what my husband says, it's got a Star Wars feel and it makes me happy.
4. The U.K. Pavilion in Epcot. We love the World Showcase, and being able to travel around the world without ever leaving Florida but one pavilion stands out from the crowd and that pavilion to us is the U.K. pavilion. With the use of both sides of the street it makes you feel like you're actually in a town, they used their space well. The way the stores interlock with each other and you cross the street to get to the other shops is very cool. The garden in the back is nice, the telephone booths are always fun for a funny photo-op.
5. The lobby of the Great Ceremonial House at the Polynesian: It has that smell you can't explain but enjoy. That smell that once my husband smells it he knows he's finally on vacation. It's old school Disney, it's original and it feels like a time capsul, it might be the 70s idea of Hawaii but it's cool. It's funny we never thought we'd ever spend a night in a delux, it's just a room we said. That is until we spent our honeymoon in all 3 monorail hotels. We turned into snobs:-)! The moment we stepped foot onto the gounds of the Poly my husband fell in love and thankfully we've been able to stay there 7 times in our 11 trips. It's not a DVC resort but when we walk in my dopey husband always says welcome home.
6. Hollywood Blvd in the Studios: I think if it were possible to live in a park my husband would move into the Studios. He's the one who argues it's an all day park when most people call it half a day. He gets offended, he's nuts. That aside we do enjoy Hollywood Blvd., from the shops to the Streetmosphere it's just a fun place to be.
7. The Neverland Club at the Polynesian: What a cool little spot! We're too big to go down the slide but our daughter isn't and she requests to go there. We thought we'd be getting called back the first time we brought her there to pick her up due to seperation anxiety. Didn't happen, in fact we had hard time getting her out! You slide down the slide and you're in Neverland, and while waiting for my parents last year to meet us at the club we had a chance to "see inside" and what we saw had us laughing hysterically! We saw our daughter dressed as Belle with a fighter pilot helmet on! It almost brought my husband to tears he was laughing so hard! There were two other girls with her wearing princess dresses and helmets, it's one of those moments I wish I could have taken a picture but I will have the image of her dressed like that for the rest of my life. If I need a laugh or a pick me up I think of that moment and smile. 
Where are some of your favorite places?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I'm a Disney freak too and love most of those places as well! Our favorite place to stay is the Poly too. We're trying GF next time but I don't even know if it will measure up to our beloved Poly.
Capt. Cook's for quick service & Dole Whip!, Kona Cafe for breakfast....
I agree about the smell of the Poly but for me the Contemporary has that retro nostalgic smell because that's where we stayed when I was a kid. It has the same smell it did in the 70's!
When I hear the water fall at the Poly and we get our leis, I feel like we're on vacation.

sweetjeanette said...

Good grief! I live in Tampa Bay and haven't been to DW half as many times as you! LOL My fave times are winter (which, in Florida could be summer too! LOL) I remember having the Dole Whip though. (sigh) I remember when I was a "candy striper" at the hospital in high school, all the of the group stayed at the Contemporary. Oh boy, all those memories have started! Thanks for visiting and following I'm now following you back!

Whispered Inspirations said...

It all sounds so magical and fun! It's funny, we actually started planning our Disney vacation TODAY. Any tips? Anyway, I'm you newest follower via GFC, thanks for stopping by my place! Look forward to more reading!



I was born and raised here in Orlando. I remember the area before Disney arrived on the scene. But, I do believe you know a lot more about Disney than I do.

I'm following back via GFC. Thanks for following my blog:


Anthonyand EmilyFreelove said...

Great post, we love Disney!! Following you on GFC. Please follow back.


Unknown said...

Following you via Ultimate blog party. Hope you will follow me too @

Unknown said...

Hello! Stopping by from UBP. I live WDW too, but have only visited twice (not as much as I would like to). I'm following you now.

Gina Alfani said...

The Polynesian Hotel is at the top of my favorite Disney Hotels and have stayed there many times. It is like being in another world.

Thanks for following my food blog . . . I am already following you via GFC, but I am a new Networked Blogs follower.

Have a wonderful day,

Gina Alfani

GoodnessGraces said...

Hi, I am a new follower of your blog. I found you via UBP11. I have a 12 month old and have already started doing some research for her first trip to Disney - probably crazy, but your blog will be very helpful.

Michelle said...

I have yet to go to Disney world really must get there sooner than later :)

Yankee Texan said...

I've only been to Disney once. It was 1978 and I was 7 years old....we stayed at the Polynesian. Thanks for reminding me of the great memories of a childhood family vacation

MJ said...

There is a Tattooine in your Disney? Paris only has a ride and thats it... and a tiny giftshop... hi Susan, am following you back :)

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