Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review Eardoc - A device to help ear infections

The Eardoc is a simple treatment for:
Ear infection
Ear Pain caused by air travel
Middle ear fluid
Hearing Loss
Ear fullness caused by colds, sinusitis or allergies

And other ear issues for more information please check out   http://www.eardoc.info/

My review:

   My husband likes to brag about missing so many days  of high school and still graduating towards the top of his class with honors. His reason for missing so much time? Ear infections, some were real.....some were fake:-). He still to this day has ear issues on occasion with blockages and pressure and not being able to hear out of an ear for a few days, this just doesn't cause ear pain but it also gives him terrible headaches and makes it hard for him to concentrate and just function normally. (I think my daughter has inherited his ear issues) If Eardoc http://www.eardoc.info/) was around when he was in high school maybe he wouldn't have missed so much time and I wouldn't have to hear about how smart  he thinks he is!

Eardoc is an amazing invention, it naturally relives your ear of blockages. It's an alternative to having tubes put in your ears, avoiding surgery is always the best option! It works on both children and adults and is so simple anyone can use it. Place it behind your ear, and turn it on. Let the vibrating do it's job and within minutes you should feel some relief. And if your ear is causing you problems quick relief is always welcomed! If you're like my husband who hates going to the Doctor and despises having to take pills this is the best option to help your ear issues.

If you travel a lot you know what it's like to be on a plane, the pressure is horrible and can cause extreme earaches. Last September we took a couple day trip to the Yacht Club for my husbands birthday, as we started to land at MCO my husband was tugging on his ear, and tugging and tugging. I asked him what was wrong, he complained about pressure in his ear, I told him not to worry it would go away before too long. It took over a full day for his ear to stop hurting, he had a hard time hearing anything and always had to make sure his good ear was lined up to do the listening. It was awful for him, not only did his ear hurt but having to really focus on what anyone was saying gave him a headache as well. If we had Eardoc it would have relived his issues and not caused him to suffer for the first day and a half of his vacation.

The cost of the Eardoc is $55.00 that includes shipping. If you or a loved one has ear issues of any kind this might be the best investment of $55.00 dollars you'll ever make. It's small, so it's easy to pack and it only requires two AA batteries to operate so cost of operation is very low. Do yourself and your ears a favor and pick up an Eardoc it's worth it.

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