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Warm Tradition hot water bottle - Review

About  Warm Tradition (from the website) and were started to help consumers get their hands on hard-to-find personal care products manufactured in the United States and in Europe.  Each product is hand picked for its quality, craftsmanship and functionality.  Many of the products have been used for generations - a sure sign of a classic must-have product- for example, hot water bottles.  Other products are chosen because they do not contain potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, phtalates or sodium lauryl sulfates. It is also very important to us that none of the products available are tested on animals.  We are commited to you and your well being.  We hope that you enjoy the ever growing and always changing array of products that we have chosen for you on and

There are so many benefits and uses for hot water bottles:
Here are some of my favorite uses (from the website)

  • ACHES & PAINS, Sore Backs, Stomach aches, Muscular Tension, Helps alleviate stress, relief for Menstrual pain and chills from cold and flu. 
  • MENSTRUAL CRAMPS - A hot water bottle on the abdomen brings pain relief and soothing comfort.
  • SOOTHES CHILDREN - Children ill or upset a warm cuddly character companion provide a calm secure feeling - Works for grown ups too! 
  • CAR WARMER - On a very cold day just place our Hot Water Bottle on your dash about a half hour before you leave and watch the window clear up. The heat will radiate throughout you vehicle. 

Warm Traditions was very generous  to send me this cute giraffe water bottle:

Description of the Giraffe water bottle (from the website)

Kids love giraffes. Add a hot water bottle to the mix and they will simply adore the plush, soft and cuddly Giraffe Hot Water Bottle. Includes a removable travel size Fashy thermoplastic hot water bottle that has a large opening for easy filling. This hot water bottle retains heat for hours. Perfect for a bedtime cuddle buddy. The perfect remedy for tummy aches and pains. Or to keep warm on a cold day during an outdoor event or while watching TV. Made in Germany.
  • Bottle made from thermoplastic resulting in extra long lasting heat
  • Odorless, recyclable and safe
  • Extra large opening - no more spills!
  • Jointless neck preventing leakages
  • Machine washable cover

 My review:

Mommy, I have a tummy ache.... Mommy, I have a boo-boo.... Mommy, I can't sleep will you stay with me? These are things we've all heard probably a million times. What do you do? What can you give your child to comfort them? Even if they're faking it they're still looking for comfort. Thanks to Warm Tradition ( we now have an actual item to give our kids in their time of need.

These cute hot water bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from a plush giraffe to a car and even a crocodile that serves as a hand puppet. The hot water will soothe an achey tummy, or keep a chilly child warm or just keep a lonely child company. My daughter just adores her giraffe as I type she is running around our house with her giraffe dressing the giraffe in a superhero cape so they can fight crime together. We have no idea where she comes up with these things! We can see the benefits of the water bottle already!

If you actually need to use the water bottle for it's main purpose it holds 1 liter or 33.8 fluid ounces of water. The cover is machine washable, the water bottle is designed to prevent spillage and leaking and are made out of thermoplastic for extra long lasting heat. Prices range from $19.95 to $32.95 you really can't put a price on your child's comfort.

Buy it:

You can purchase the giraffe hot water bottle, or many other styles of hot water bottles here:

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