Monday, April 11, 2011

Where to eat in Disneyland?

We are planning our tip to Disneyland, and it is coming down to the time to make our dining reservations....
Having gone to Disney world so much it has become so easy to figure out where we want to eat.. We just know where we like, and what new things we want to try. But with Disneyland it is just such a new world for us!

1. We want to eat at the Blue Bayou eating in the pirates of the Caribbean ride? How cool is that! I have heard the restaurant is expensive,  but I want to give it at least one shot.

2. Another must eat place for us will be The Carnation Cafe, the Baked Potato soup looks so good!

3. And finally (so far) We want to eat Ariel's Grotto, my daughter loves Ariel, and this restaurant also offers a
prix fixe dinner at Ariel's Grotto that includes tickets to a Preferred Viewing section for the World of Color.

I have heard that the World of Color is a must do in Disneyland, so I figured preferred seats would be nice.

Does anyone have any dining suggestions?

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Mary said...

jajaja you are alot braver than me when I went we were a total of 6 so we never even tried... The world of color sounds like fun, I hope you all have a fab time!!!
following and Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

The How To Mommy said...

Great site! Thanks for checking out mine.

JENN said...

I'm a Californian and I go to Disneyland ALL the time. Blue Bayou is a MUST. It's not extremely expensive, but what you're paying for is definitely worth it. Ask to be seated by the's better than being seated in the back :) World of Color is uh-mazing and your daughter (and you) will be in awe of it all. It's designed by the same person who made the water show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Everytime I go, I eat at the Carnation Cafe, good food that is decently priced. There is a restaurant in California Adventure, I forget the name of it, but it's in the Napa Winery area and they have really good lasagna and wine tasting! Now, I'm jealous and want to go to Disneyland :) Have a GREAT time!

Roomsofmyheart said...

i grew up a few miles from the big D...happiest place on earth. My favorite place is Blue Bayou, dad and I always went there together, as adults we love it. So many new places to try out. I think if I was taking a little girl I would try out world of color definately looks awesome. Jungle cruise is always fun.
What an adventure..enjoy! I heard about something new where your little girl can be with Belle, and have photos taken. My favorite characters would have to be Beauty and the beast, so I can't say about the little mermaid features. I have gone to the Rose, spent a lot of money of wine, but would do that again with couples. Have fun! I was there a couple years ago when small world was redone its fantastic.

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