Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mangroomer - Review Father's Day Gift Guide

The Professional Electric Back Shaver

•Sleek, lightweight and compact design that folds flat for storage and travel.
•Extra wide 1.5-inch blade design that enables you to shave larger back areas.
•Opens easily and quickly for instant use.
•Fully expandable and adjustable locking handle to reach difficult middle and lower portions of the back.
•Rechargable battery power

The Essential Nose and Ear Trimmer

•Innovative blade design enables close results minus the potential of ingrown hairs
• Protective cap for a low-profile design offers privacy and discreet storage
•Non-slip rubberized grip for maximum control and comfort
•Can be used wet or dry; cleans easily by rinsing with water

The Essential Private Body Shaver


•Cutting edge combined trimmer / foil blade design cuts both your long and short body hair
•Rechargeable with quick-charging and operates at optimum power between recharges.
•Can be used wet or dry and cleans easily by removing top blade unit and rinsing with water.
•5-Setting adjustable length comb to keep, trim and maintain your desired remaining body hair to one of the five predetermined length settings.

My review:

(Well my husband took charge of this particular review)

I’m a guy, and I’m a little hairy, not like a Wookie but more hair in spots I wish I didn’t have. I’ve tried shaving with a regular razor which is tough; I have to contort myself to reach my back. I’ve tried Nair, which stinks and you have to time it perfectly or it might eat your skin away. I’d ask my wife for help but she didn’t agree to pet grooming when we were married. There has to be a better way?
There is, the Mangroomer ( is the best way to get rid of unsightly back hair all by yourself. Does your husband look like he’s wearing a sweater when he takes his top off? Does he have more hair in his ears and nose than on top of his head? Mangroomer has all the products your hubby needs to make himself smooth and hairless. 

The Mangroomer Do It Yourself Electric Back Shaver is a godsend! What used to take me well over a half an hour to do with a razor now takes me all of 5 minutes. No more contorting, no more sore shoulders from twisting to reach those hard to reach spots. The Mangroomer does all the work for you, it’s quick, painless and doesn’t have a stink. The essential private body parts shaver, is also a breeze to use, and it works well. The essential nose and ear trimmer is little miracle worker, I will be  putting this to great use, no more "old man" ear hair for me.

I now only have hair where I want. And with our upcoming trip to Disneyland I’ll be able to go to the pool and not have to worry about people confusing me with Big Al or Liver Lips…the show has been closed for a decade why are the bears roaming the hotels?! I might even be able to swim faster! Mangroomer has all the tools necessary to make your hairy hubby smooth and presentable. No more looking like Chewbacca, no more shedding, no more jokes about wearing a sweater to the pool. Thanks Mangroomer!

Wouldn't this make a great Father's Day gift? Instead of the plain old shavers given in the past, the Mangroomer line, is useful and works great. My husband loved them!

Where to buy it?

You can buy it online at, and you can also buy it in a local store, to find out where check that out here.

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Jerry Marquardt said...

These are some amazing shaving tools and equipment. I am considering it this year for my father as a gift.

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