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Miners Mix - Review

About Miners Mix (From the website)

We hope you enjoy these traditional mixes that contain no artificial ingredients, MSG, flavor enhancers, nor preservatives of
any kind. That's why we can confidently state that
"If it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here…"

Miner's Mix is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in beautiful Mariposa County. From here, in the shadow of incredible
Yosemite National Park we work Shelby's old claim, while we package his mouthwatering spice mixes and rubs so that we
can offer these wonderful treasures to you. Take your taste buds back to 1850!

I had the great privilege to be able to review:

·         Miners Mix: Blazin Bean Dip
·         Miners Mix: BBQ Sauce Mix
·         Miners Mix: Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub
·         Miners Mix: Carne Asada Marinade, Chorizo Mix
·         Miners Mix: OMG Garlic Bread
·         Miners Mix: Salmon Marinade
·         Miners Mix: Wholly Chipotle rub
·         Miners Mix: Poultry Rub
·         Miners Mix: OMG Garlic Seasoning & Rub
·         Miners Mix: Steak Rub
·         Miners Mix: BBQ Rub

My review:

We were recently sent a box of spices, rubs, mixes, and spreads for bread from Miners Mix ( The recipes for these spices are over 162 years old and are authentic to the California Gold Rush time period. The recipes we’re the creation of Joshua Shelby who was a cook at a fancy St. Louis restaurant, in 1849 he heard tale of quick money in mining for gold and quickly headed west. He wasn’t much of a miner and reverted back to what he did best cook. The food the miners were eating then was bland and rather tasteless, Shelby turned everything around and used his special blends on the food and made his fortune by cooking.

My husband had the pleasure of choosing what spices and mixes we would use and what to use them on. His choices were the BBQ Sauce Mix, OMGarlic Cheese Bread Spread, Carne Asada Marinade & Chorizo Mix and Maynard’s Memphis BQ Rub. We’ll start with the OMGarlic Spread, we made something that we’ve made and had a million times garlic bread. We live in South Philly, garlic bread is a staple of dinner around here, how could this spread be better than what we’re used to? My husband said and I quote “This is the best garlic bread I’ve ever had!” It was perfect, it was just the right amounts of everything, the garlic weren’t over bearing and harsh like it can be and the overall taste was just off the hook. All you do is mix 1 cup of mayo with the entire contents of the mix bag and spread on bread and toast. It couldn’t have been easier! And my husband was correct in his assessment it really was fantastic and could and should be served in all 600 million Italian restaurants in Philly!
I was a little nervous about the Carne Asada & Chorizo Mix, I’ve never made anything like this before, I was going to make my own chorizo! That was a little nerve wracking! I made the chorizo to be used in a meat loaf, I followed the directions and voila! Chorizo. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, we’ve been trying to buy chorizo for months, we even went to a wholesale Mexican food center and they didn’t have it! Finding chorizo was a little like mining for gold, very unsuccessful! To accompany my meatloaf I made the BBQ sauce mix to spread on the top of the meatloaf for a nice glaze. Add the mix to ketchup, molasses and vinegar mix well and off you go. It was the perfect glaze for my meatloaf, between my husband and daughter the meatloaf sadly didn’t make it to the land of leftovers, it was demolished in 1 sitting! 

Lastly, I used the Maynard’s Memphis BBQ rub on a steak, something I wasn’t too sure how to cook; we eat chicken mostly and only eat steak out so this was something out of my comfort zone. I rubbed the rub all over the steak trying to get a nice even coating and proceeded to cook it. I used the Gordon Ramsey technique and kept touching the middle of the steak until it felt right and it came out a perfect medium well. I like it well done, dead, fried, black, charred, not able to moo and my husband is happy with medium so getting the steak cooked somewhat to both our likings was great. My husband kept muttering this is perfect, this is perfect. The steak was a huge hit with him, the flavor of the rub was so good that you will ruin the taste by adding anything like steak sauce to it, eat it as is and you will enjoy it!

This was a fun review, we got to try out great rubs and mixes and I got a chance to make a few things that I’m not used to making and discovered that I’m a pretty good cook! These rubs are different from what you’ll find in stores, the smell of these spices and rubs is staggeringly good, you can smell them though the package and it’s intoxicating. Miners Mix is a big hit in my house and will be in yours too!

BBQ Meatloaf, I followed the directions for the carne asada, then added an egg, and a cup of breadcrumbs. I mixed it together and shaped it as a loaf and covered it in the BBQ sauce and baked at 350 for 60 minutes.

OMG Garlic Spread - Directions on package, I used a french loaf

Steak with Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub

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