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Ride the Ducks - Review


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Quack-tastic℠ Fun!


If you’re looking for fun things to do in Philadelphia, duck tours are tops. Ride the Ducks Philadelphia duck tours deliver the most family fun in the city.
Adults and seniors will have just as much fun as kids, as our captains explore Philly’s historic streets and splash into the Delaware River for a great view of the city, the Battleship New Jersey and more.



Your Captain will en-tour-tain you with stories of past and present. Learn about Philadelphia history, the Delaware River, its famous personalities and the area’s impact on the state and nation. Find out about Philly’s role in film, song and sports too!
You’ll pass by many Philadelphia attractions and historic sites as the captain educates and entertains as you approach the Delaware River.



Quack along with the Captain or Dance in your seat as you roam the streets of historic Philadelphia. Get the famous Wacky Quackers® at the end of your adventure acknowledging that you have become an official Ride The Ducks Duck!  If you’re looking for things to do in Philadelphia, our duck tours can’t be beat.

 Here are some pictures from our tour:

My Review:
We had the chance to play tourists in our city today thanks to Ride the Ducks. It’s kinda fun to see what others see when coming here, when you live in a city like Philadelphia which is oozing in history it gets lost on you in a way. Independence Hall? To me it’s just a building. The same with the Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross’ house, these are things we pass everyday just going about our regular day to day activities. They’re there, always have been, they’re a part of life. So getting a chance to see it as a “tourist” was intriguing to us. And this might actually answer my husband’s favorite question….why the heck do people visit Philadelphia?

We make the long trek to 6th and Market, it’s maybe a 9 minute drive from our house, and you purchase your tickets at the desk inside the Independence Visitors Center another building that gets lost on us. We’ll do that on another tourist day. We boarded the Duck at 5th and Market and in a matter of minutes we were off. Our Captain minus Tennille was Captain Norm, who is a real honest to goodness Captain, not like Stubing or Kangaroo but an actual certified Captain. Captain Norm was great, his jokes we’re bad but they were a good bad and his singing voice wasn’t too shabby either!

He asked if any natives were on the Duck and we were the only natives on board, he quickly made a point to say if he gives out any bad information not to say anything and just go with it. You could tell he enjoyed his job; he was good at it and made it fun for everyone. The great thing is we actually learned things about our city that we didn’t know. Such as why Sassafrass St. became Race St., it was because of those crazy young Quakers. They would race horses on Sassafrass St. out of the sight of the elders and would refer to the street to each other in code as Race St. Some old signs still have Sassafrss on them but now we know why Race St. is Race St.

All in all we had a terrific time, it was a beautiful day, and our Captain was great, we couldn’t have asked for a better time. We had fun playing tourists and seeing our city through the eyes of outsiders. The only part that was iffy was our trek into the Delaware River; it’s murky, smelly and brown. No wonder why the mob uses it to get rid of evidence!  I would recommend Ride the Ducks it is a fun family time, my daughter really enjoyed riding the duck boat, and when we splashed into the water she was full of smiles. If you are planning a trip to Philadelphia you would have a great time on the ducks! Remember there are other Ride the Ducks locations as well, check them out here.
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