Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why do people give me a hard time because I like Disney?

Why is it that we always have to explain to people that we’re going back to WDW? I hear “again?” Yes, yes again! And why not? In all of our trips we still haven’t done everything, and things evolve and change so often that even if you go every year you’ll have something new to see or do.

Living in Philadelphia we’re only 52 miles away from Atlantic City, 64 miles away from Ocean City and about 90 miles away from Wildwood, New Jersey. We’ve spent every summer of our lives going there and no one bats an eye when you say you’re going down the shore. But I say I’m going to WDW people roll their eyes. I’ve stopped telling my co-workers I’m going because I’m tired of the snickers, they don’t get it, it’s their loss. The Jersey shore is ok, it’s not like it used to be, but it’s ok for a day trip at best anymore. Disney World is a destination, it’s something to see and behold, it’s just pure and simple fun.  I just don’t get why people feel they need to poke fun at your vacation choice, it’s a personal choice and it’s not like I’m asking anyone to pay for it! Next time someone roll’s their eye’s at me or you when you tell them you’re going to WDW, pay no attention!

Just venting! Now back to your normal happy blogger :)

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Kristie said...

Funny - we're probably about 25 minutes from you ... on your way to Long Beach Island ... LOL ... we used to give our friends a hard time for going to WDW too. Now? We're DVC. Fancy that. And we barely do the Shore anymore either - electing to go to the Outer Banks in NC where it is still "shore" and not craziness. I totally understand your frustration!

Susan said...

I have never gone to the Outer Banks, nc. I will have to try "the shore" there one day. A DVC member? I would love to be dvc. Where is your home DVC? Lucky you :)

Tracy - A Maui Mommy said...

If I lived as close as you did to WDW, I would be there every month! It's a great place. People are just jealous. :-)

Anonymous said...

People give me and my family the same hard time! But I've started a Disney blog www.elrodsgodisney.com and now I have people asking me for advice and tips! Haha! More power to us Disney moms!

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