Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 things I would get rid of in WDW

4 things I would get rid of in WDW:

I got to thinking about the parks the other day and I brought the question up to my wife, if you could eliminate one thing from each park what would you eliminate? Here is what would get the axe if my name was Bob Iger….

At the Magic Kingdom:
Stitch’s Great Escape: Blah! This show is awful. It doesn’t really fit into the whole Tomorrowland scheme; neither does Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor but the Buddy Boyle dancer always makes me laugh. Stitch can be a cute character, when he’s not being force fed down our throats! I’m not sure what to think about Stitch is his mischievous or flat out bad? I’m a little confused…. As for the show it’s not fun, funny or worthwhile. It bores me and generally scares the life out of little kids; it’s taking up prime space it needs to go. Bring back Timekeeper and put it there.
Others that received consideration:
Tomorrowland Transit Speedway
Country Bears Jamboree

At Epcot: 

Mission Space: Do I really need to say much about this ride? Want to know if you have a major heart condition jump on, if you don’t get off under your own power you probably have a heart issue! This ride scrambled our brains the one and only time we rode on our Honeymoon, that was almost 8 years ago and we’ve never been back. It’s a glorified Gravitron with Gary Sinise no matter how much Lieutenant Dan you throw at me it won’t make this ride any good. Bring back Horizons, it’ll make the people happy.
Others that received consideration:
Captain E.O.
Ellen’s Energy Adventure
Journey Into Imagination (Bring back the old ride!!!)

At The Studios:

This was tough. The Studios is my personal favorite park, I know a lot of people treat it as a half day park not me. I just love the feel of the Studios, I love the atmosphere and the background music, it’s my happy place. But still it needs help. There is a few things that need to go but I can only choose one and I would choose Sounds Dangerous. It’s old, Drew Carey is fat, and the shows referenced in the show aren’t on TV anymore.  It’s taking up PRIME real estate in a park that doesn’t have much room to grow, the Studios is small and when you have duds taking up prime spots you need to do something about it. What I’d do is simple and is something they can use. I’d put another restaurant there, a sit down restaurant in the style of the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars, the boys need a place to go for a meal. We have enough Princess meals to choke a horse but what about us guys? This restaurant would be popular, cool and easy to do. Just make that area Lucasland and be done with it!
Others that received consideration:
Lights Motor Action
Backlot Tour

At Animal Kingdom:

This is our not even half day park, we get there I ride Everest then we do ITTBAB and we jam. It’s hot even when it’s cold, everything is up hill and everything is spaced so far apart that you’re tired by the time you get to where you’re going. But what one thing would I get rid of? Primeval Whirl heck I’d get rid of that whole section. Seems like a cheesy carnival that just isn’t Disney, it seemed like the Imagineers just rushed through Dinoland all we need it toothless Carney’s trying to get us to play rigged games. What would I put there? Anything would be an improvement. But what Animal Kingdom really needs is another headline attraction. Not sure what they could put there but something has to be done, Everest was the last major attraction put into AK and that was 6 years ago. Maybe they should concentrate on getting the Yeti out of disco mode and back into a mode first.
Others that received consideration:

Triceratop Spin

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Cynthia said...

Yes, I would definitely get rid of Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I love Disney World! My family and I have been 3 times. When the kids are gone, I'm going without them! Yes, I love it! Many blessings!

The Clothspring said...

I totally agree. We never go to Animal kingdom, it is exhausting and there is nothing to really do. I would rather spend my time at Epcot walking around.

Melissa said...

I 100% agree with you on the Stitch thing in MK. I haven't even been in it and I know it would be terrible, because the thing that was there before was absolutely horrible!!! I think it was called Alien Encounter. It was the worst thing ever and SO SO scary. At least Stitch is cute!!

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