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AL Fresco Chicken Sausage - Review

About Alfresco Chicken Sausage (From the Website)

al fresco. It’s all about fresh flavor from fresh ingredients. Our mission is to provide delicious all natural products that are easy to prepare as part of a healthy lifestyle - live life with flavor. Executive chef, Susanna Tolini revels in introducing our customers to a whole new way to enjoy chicken sausage- from scrumptious unexpected flavors such as Roasted Pepper & Asiago and Spinach & Feta to great, easy recipe ideas for all of our 14 al fresco gourmet flavors. Our roots are grounded in over 100 years of quality sausage making. Al fresco’s founder, Deb O’Donnell is the granddaughter of Kazimierz Monkiewicz who in 1909 sold his handmade sausage out of a horse drawn wagon and started Kayem Foods. Kayem is now a premier manufacturer of some of the country’s leading brands of meats including al fresco.  

While studying for her MBA, Deb saw a need that wasn’t being met amongst her fellow female classmates - a delicious tasting sausage that was also good for you. Hence the light bulb that is al fresco was lit and armed with her sausage making heritage and savvy grasp of customer needs, Deb started developing recipes for an all natural, delicious and healthy chicken sausage. al fresco is now the #1 chicken sausage brand in the U.S. We offer our all natural chicken sausage in dinner and breakfast varieties. All of our products have 70% less fat than pork sausage and are free of nitrites, nitrates, preservatives and artificial ingredients, but full of flavor.

I was lucky enough to be able to try:

My Review:

We love chicken, we eat is almost every night of the week. A while back we say chicken sausage in the super market and my husband was intrigued. He loves sausage but tries to lay off of red meat, this seemed to be the perfect option. We bought a package of that sausage and were hooked instantly. The sausage was Al Fresco ( chicken sausage. 

Make it with peppers and onions and you have a great sandwich. Add it to pasta for that extra zip. Add it to rice to make it come alive. Or just fry it up and eat it straight like my husband does when he’s hungry and looking for a snack. It’s a great alternative to traditional sausage, don’t worry about the flavor it has all the flavor and then some of regular sausage and with the flavors Al Fresco makes there is a flavor for every taste. We had the chance to try chipotle chorizo and sweet apple, I made cous cous with peas and chick peas in a tomato sauce and added the chipotle chorizo this was a big hit. We’ve been fans of Al Fresco for a long time, we’ve tried just about every flavor and have never been disappointed, this is great sausage. The sweet Apple is a unique sausage, you can taste the touch of maple, it is delicious!

If you love sausage but want a healthier option give Al Fresco a chance.

 Stew with chorizo chicken sausage.

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