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Costa Farms - Review

About Costa Farms (From the Website)

In 1961, south of Miami, Florida, Jose Costa, Sr. purchased his first 30 acres to farm vine-ripe tomatoes during the winter months.  As he searched for a summer crop option, Jose entertained a very unique idea: growing Calamondin oranges.  Little did Jose know that this exotic citrus from China and the Philippines would provide a novel summer crop.

Within a short time, operations expanded and demand steadily increased.  In 1973, Costa Farms purchased property in the Dominican Republic to grow young plant material.  This investment in quality control underlined Costa Farms' dedication to high-grade products and dependable supply -- right from the beginning.

Success in the Indoor Houseplant Division led to the continued expansion of operations over the next two decades.  By the time that the Bedding Plant Division was added to the Costa Farms' lineup, the company had attracted the biggest retailers on both regional and national levels.

Today, Costa Farms is a third generation, family owned business that globally stretches over 3,500 acres and employs 2,800 people.  Along with thriving indoor houseplant and bedding plant divisions, Costa Farms operates merchandising and transportation companies as part of its infrastructure, with operations domestically in South Florida and North Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Far East. 

The plants we packed so nicely!

 My review:

Three reasons to love houseplants:

1. Plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.
2. Plants absorb up to 87% of indoor air pollutants.
3. NASA scientists recommend using one houseplant for every 100 sq. foot to purify air quality.

Growing up in the city has it's pros and it's cons. A con for me is a practically nonexistent yard. Our yard is very very small, and we have no grass on our property at all. The only good thing about that is, you never have to mow concrete right? But I am sad that I can't have a garden. I love plants.  My mother had plants when I was young but I am quite the novice when it comes to plants. Luckily for me each of the plants came with instructions, I will be sure to follow.  And the fine people at Costa Farms allowed me this indulgence.

 I was send 5 healthy vibrant plants from Costa Farms.

The plants really brighten up any room they are in, and I want to make sure these beautiful plants last. I took the Dracena to work, I figured my desk could use a little plant. As soon as I brought it in the complements started, it is a very pretty plant.  And now my air will be cleaner and my office space prettier.

My daughter just loved the pink plant, what little girl does not like pink? She asked "the pink one is mine right?". Yes that pink one is yours. She was so happy a plant just for her.

The other plants are all around the house. But the Boston fern is in the tiny yard. He seems to like it out there :)

 The fact above (Plants absorb up to 87% of indoor air pollutants.) really surprised me I had no idea that plants helped this much. Living in the city, I am sure our air is not as clean as it should be and the fact that these plants are cleaning the air for my family, that is a great thing.

For more information about how plants purify your air environment, please visit:

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