Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sesame Place!

My family was invited to enjoy a day at Sesame Place and to experience the NEW Neighborhood Street Party at Night.

What is the Neighborhood street party? (Info from the website)

The Neighborhood Street Party at Night!
Each night from June 18 through September 4, the “Neighborhood Street Party” parade will be transformed with light elements. During the nighttime performances, lights throughout the parade route and on the parade floats will immerse the audience in a light show, which is synced with the parade’s musical score—providing a great overlay to an already exhilarating parade.

Night Time Parade Debut: June 18th at 9:00pm

My daughter just adored to bouncing pad, she would have stayed in there all day if they let her! This was her favorite in the park.

On Saturday we had the chance to go to Sesame Place in Langhorn. Sesame Place review  is a park we’ve attended a few times and we’re looking forward to having a fun time on a beautiful Saturday. The weather was warm, the sun was out and we were there for rope drop.  The park opened promptly at 10 am and we were off!
We made our way to the tea cups, a ride my daughter loves to ride because my husband spins the cups like he’s mad at them! My daughter loves getting flung back and forth, she cackles like a hyena and some of our favorite pictures from Disney World are of her on the tea cups. We were the first ones on the ride; we were the only ones on the ride! It was neat we had the tea cups all to ourselves.

My daughter picked her cup and we piled in, the ride was just about ready to start when the attendant came over and told my husband the only way he could ride the ride was by putting our camera bag to the side. Well that’s not happening, we paid a lot and I mean a lot of money for our camera and we weren’t about to just let it sit there unattended. My husband got off the ride and watched us; this is something he had to do a lot (he had to hold my handbag as well, no handbags allowed on rides either).  

This rule must be for our "safety" but out of all of the parks we have visited all across the US we have never come across a rule like this. (this also must be a new rule, or an old rule that are now enforcing because we have been to Sesame Place many many times, and have never had a problem) At Universal Studios, they don’t allow bags on the Men in Black ride, but they give you a free locker to store your things in. Disney doesn’t seem to mind you riding with bags either, my husband has been on Space Mountain with a bag and has had no issues. I don’t think this is a good idea, I mean our fun was hampered because we couldn’t experience the rides as a family, I rode the few rides they have with my daughter and my husband stood on the outside looking in. 

The evening parade was great, lots of large floats and fun had by all (unfortunately we do not have any pictures, we eventually had to put the camera and my handbag in the car in order to be able to finally ride the rides together as a family). I loved the Cookie monster cookie "float". What a great parade!
We still managed to have a good time even though my husband was our designated bag holder . Thankfully my handbag matched his outfit so he looked good! It’s probably the last time we can really enjoy Sesame Place and I’m grateful that we were able to go. My daughter is growing up so fast that Sesame Street isn’t a part of her life anymore; I wanted one more opportunity to see her enjoy the park and the characters that meant so much to me and my husband when we were growing up. 

One last piece of advice to the powers that be the park needs MORE GUY SMILEY! He is a my favorite character :)


Location, Twilight Tickets (they are only $33!), Lots of stuff for kids to do, Great Parade, Large water park.


Bag Policy. That is all everything else is wonderful!

I would recommend going to sesame place with your family but don't bring a bag, unless you are willing to leave it while you ride rides.

If you are interested in a great trip to Sesame Place please check out:

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I went a couple years ago when my daughter was little because it's free for military and we had a great time. It's a perfect park for little bitties.

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My aunt always wanted to take me to Sesame Place, and she finally did when I was 16!!! Haha, better late than never though!

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