Monday, July 18, 2011

Dynasty Jerky - Review

About Dynasty Jerky  (from the website)

Home of the yum…yum jerky. Here at Dynasty Jerky we believe in differentiating ourselves above the rest and producing quality jerky with no exceptions. This is why we are going to take a different approach in describing what our jerky is all about. I’m sure you hear it all the time, how everyone says their Jerky tastes the best. So instead of just telling you how scrumptious and good our meaty and tasty jerky is.

My Review:

We’ve eaten our share of beef jerky through the years, some good some bad, mostly tough but usually tasty. We were given the opportunity to try beef jerky from Dynasty Jerky ( this jerky bucks the trend. BIG TIME! 

Most jerky is tough and a bit chewy, it is dehydrated meat I don’t expect it to be a supple as a filet mignon, but it needs to be edible. Like I said Dynasty Jerky goes against the grain here, this jerky shouldn’t even be called jerky it’s too good! We fought over the pack, my husband seriously wouldn’t let it go, he’d rip little pieces off for me and I kept asking for more but he turned a deaf ear to me. This jerky isn’t dry, it’s moist and very easy to eat, no ripping and tearing needed it eats like a fine piece of steak. 

And the taste was spot on, we were sent the teriyaki flavor and as soon as you bit into it you could taste the teriyaki flavor, some jerky we’ve had you really have to imagine tasting the flavor. The jerky looked like it was glazed in the teriyaki, it had a shine and was a bit sticky, and as soon as my husband opened the pack and pulled out the first piece he said this isn’t your run of the mill jerky.
The jerky is available in beef, elk, venison and buffalo ranging in flavors from teriyaki and peppered to hot and sweet n hot. Prices range from $7.99 to $9.99, this is the best jerky in the world, everyone who is a fan of jerky needs to try Dynasty Jerky, if you haven’t tried it…’re missing out!

Dynasty Jerky is  going to offer you a FREE sample. Yes that’s right, a FREE SAMPLE with FREE shipping. Just visit

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