Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our first day in the park! Disneyland VS. Disneyworld

We saw the monorail and decided to take that into the park, after going through security and getting our tickets scanned we hopped onto the monorail. After riding the monorail in WDW as many times as we have this was truly a unique experience. The spiel wasn’t the same, there was no “por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas,” and there were seats in the middle! It was like culture shock! And according to my husband the smell wasn’t quite right either, according to him the monorail needs to smell like a combination of Band-Aid’s and elephants, because that’s what he’s used to. He’s odd….
The monorail in Disneyland leaves you off in Tomorrowland which was neat, you get off and you’re in the park. We looked around and saw the wait times for the Little Mermaid Subs and Star Tours and decided to move along.

Besides ever since my husband’s first trip to WDW when I made him ride It’s a Small World First he wasn’t going to let that happen again. He has said since we booked this trip his first ride had to be Pirates, no if’s, and’s or but’s! We made our way over to Pirates and jumped into line and were surprised at how much of the que was outside, it was different. And New Orleans Square was a blast, having just gotten back from New Orleans only a few weeks before going to Disneyland was neat to see their adaptation of the French Quarter. We made our way onto the ride and were blown away by seeing the Blue Bayou; a restaurant inside a major ride is neat. Pirates in Disneyland is the superior Pirates, there isn’t an argument, it’s longer with 2 drops and has scenes that WDW’s version doesn’t’ have. We enjoyed it, even though my daughter has now developed a fear of skeletons, she’s been on Pirates in WDW countless times and it never bothered her before now all of a sudden she’s scared. And she’s been playing Pirates Lego’s on her DS having to deal with skeletons and it didn’t bother her! She’s nuttier than her daddy. 

We wandered around the park a little more just getting the lay of the land and going into the shops, our bodies were starting to give out and we were hungry so we made our way back to the hotel stopping by Ralph Brennan’s Express to grab some food, which was very good. Except their version of a snowball, they had the right machine to make it but the person making it had no idea what he was doing. I just had one in N.O. on our last trip and it was great, it really was snow and not just ice, my snowball here was just ice, I was disappointed but what can I expect? It’s like getting a cheesesteak somewhere else but here. My husband’s said if it has Philly in front of it stay away, just call it a cheesesteak.  We eat and passed out, that time zone change!

That was day one,  I’ll just do a synopsis of what we liked and what was different, worse or better from its counterpart in Florida.

Space Mountain: I won’t ride it; my husband loves it so this is his turn to type… People have told me Space Mountain in DL was better than WDW, would I call it better? No, I couldn’t tell you which one was better, they’re both fun. They’re similar enough in my mind that it really does make them equally cool. Besides going fast in the dark is just plain fun. And my Cal Ripken like streak continues, I don’t know how many times I’ve ridden Space Mountain but it’s always been from the front row, it’s the only way I want to ride.

Peter Pans Flight: This is MUCH better in DL. We love the ride in WDW but its DL counterpart takes the prize. The Darling’s bedroom is bigger, it’s more like a bedroom and not just a little oh we need a bedroom let’s cram it here. And the star room is truly a WOW moment. All those stars making you feel like you’re really flying is just amazing. 

Indiana Jones: Hard to compare one is a ride and one is a show. So I’ll compare it to what it’s closest to in WDW Dinosaur. Indy wins hands down. We had a blast on this ride, I hate Dinosaur and was concerned about Indy but I had to do it. And I was glad I did, although the que was MASSIVE! If that que was full the estimated wait time would be in days not minutes. The only problem I had was my husband cracking every five seconds where’s Phylicia Rashad? 

Dumbo: It’s Dumbo, kids like it, I don’t get it, so we’ll call it a push.

It’s a Small World: DL is better. I know some people had problems with Disney putting characters into the ride, we liked it. It made it interesting for us, my daughter got excited pointing out all the characters to us. We really liked it and wouldn’t mind them doing the same in WDW. 

Snow White’s Scary Adventure: WDW is better. I get it, we’re Snow White in the ride but the story seems to be disjointed. It was just odd to us.

Winnie the Pooh:  WDW hands down. You don’t bounce like Tigger and there aren’t any floating sandwiches! Going outside was a neat touch but part of the fun is bouncing along with Tigger!!

More to come.....
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