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Lefty's Left Handed Store - Review

About Lefty's (from the website) is the online store of Lefty's San Francisco. In 1978, the Left Hand World opened on PIER 39 in San Francisco in a little 350 square foot space. It was the very first store in the United States to cater to left handers. After more than a decade it closed due to family illness, but remained in the minds of many lefties and their friends and families. The management of PIER 39 regularly fielded queries from guests about the store. When the original location of Left Hand World became available again, the PIER asked us to bring it back --- so 30 years after its original opening, reinvented and modernized, we brought you LEFTY'S SAN FRANCISCO, THE LEFT HAND STORE, in the original location, downstairs, halfway down PIER 39, on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Lefty's was instantly so popular that it was packed much of the time. In 2011, we moved to a much larger space a few doors away. We invite you to visit the store when you are in town, and if you can't make it to San Francisco, shop at A limited selection of our best items can be found at our LEFTY'S kiosk at Downtown Disney, The Marketplace, Orlando, Florida.

My Review:

Jerry Seinfeld, Don Rickles, Jimi Hendrix, Barack Obama, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Steve Carlton, Dick Van Dyke, Oprah, Jack the Ripper, Ned Flanders, Benjamin Franklin and me. What do we all have in common? Well  let me fill you in…..we’re all left handed! One out of every ten people born are left handed, and since my wife isn’t one of the chosen few I told her I’d take control of this review since I’m the only one in my house uniquely qualified to do it.
First let me tell you it’s not easy, really it isn’t. You right handers have it so simple, everything is made for you. Do you know what it’s like to be in a classroom with all right handed desks? And when they find you one of the two lefty desks in the whole school you have to fight for it because a fellow female right handed classmate wants it since it’s different?! That’s a true story, she liked it due to its being different and the teacher had to explain to her that I really needed it. Lefties are faced with a lot of challenges some of them are: scissors, can openers, heck mostly everything involving utensils, copy books, using a mouse etc.

It’s rough, it’s really bad when your parents are both righties and they’re trying to teach you how to tie your shoe’s, he’s doing it backwards is what I heard. Backwards?! To me it’s normal, to everyone else it’s backwards. It’s a pain to make sure you sit on an end in a restaurant to make sure you don’t sit next to a righty because you’ll be banging elbows all through the meal having them give you dirty looks because you chose to be left handed. We didn’t choose to be different but we are and it’s time the rest of the world takes notice because we’re here and we’re not going anywhere!

Thankfully for us southpaws we have a place, a mecca actually where we can go and get things that we need, things made specifically for us. My wife told me we were going to receive a box from Lefty’s of San Francisco (  at first I was mad because those stinkin’ Giants beat my Phillies last year in the NLCS, but I quickly moved off of my dislike and smiled because I knew there was a place out there for my people. When the box arrived I ripped into it like a kid on Christmas morning, I couldn’t wait to see what kind of goodies I had to test. I received the Deluxe Left Handed Kitchen Set which included: a left handed pair of scissors, a can opener, a peeler, bamboo tools designed for a lefty chef, and  a lefty over mitt with the art work visible and the heat resistant fabric on the bottom  no more upside down mitt for me!  

This package was great, it’s nice to be able to have a pair of scissors that work, it’s rough using normal scissors, turn them around it’ll work! No, no it won’t, most of the time it just creases the paper and I can’t see what I’m cutting! I cut a bag with my new scissors and proclaimed that I am the only one to be allowed to use the magical scissors with the red handle and if I caught anyone not me using them there would be dire consequences! The can opener, oh my god….finally! Again it’s a simple tool but when you’re forced to use it the wrong way it’s not easy. The bamboo tools are angled for me to use easier when I actually cook something I can get a spoon in there to stir or flip something. The peeler is ambidextrous so we can all use it, but the makers of it were smart enough to make sure both blades are sharp so everyone can use it. 

I know being left handed isn’t a horrible curse, but we do have issues and most people laugh it off and tell us to deal with it. Why should we have to deal with it? Why shouldn’t we have utensils and equipment made to make our lives a little easier? Thankfully Lefty’s of San Francisco is there to make our lives a little easier, I salute you (left handed of course) and your wonderful site!  

Buy it: 

Visit their Downtown Disney store or you can purchase online here.

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