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Cars 2 Wii Game - Review

My family and I are big fans of the Car's movies, we saw each of the movies in the theater, Cars 2 was our favorite movie this summer. We were excited to be able to test the new Cars 2 game.

 About the Cars 2 game (from the website)

Inspired by the upcoming Disney·Pixar animated film, Cars 2: The Video Game lets players jump into the Cars 2 universe with some of their favorite Cars personalities in exotic locations around the globe. Play as Mater, Lightning McQueen, and other brand new characters as players train to become world-class spies in the international training center - C.H.R.O.M.E. (Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage).

Take on dangerous missions, compete to become the fastest race car in the world, or use spy skills in exciting, action-packed combat racing and battle arenas. Players can race against friends and family in either single or multiplayer modes with up to four players to unlock challenging new tracks, characters, events and thrilling spy missions.
Game Features:

* Cars 2: The Video Game introduces the international training center - CHROME (Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage) that expands upon the film storyline

* Choose from more than 20 different characters, such as Mater, Lightning McQueen and the newly introduced Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell, and train to become world class spies

* Participate in simulated hazardous missions using high-tech gadgets to evade and impede adversaries

* Perform maneuvers only Cars characters can do, such as backwards driving, air tricks, sidestepping to avoid obstacles, two wheel driving and more

* Connect with World of Cars Online, a free-to-play browser-based virtual world based on the Cars universe, to gain

My Review:
As most of you know my daughter is a video game lover, she just has a knack for playing the games (she gets that from her daddy) and she loves Disney like I do, a combination of things she loves is the new Cars 2 WII game. I was sent a game to review and my daughter was so excited! She loves race car games, (for being such a girly girl this surprised me) she has been playing Mario cart for the wii for years and she has mastered the game, and yes she is 6. I told you she was good. 

But since she mastered Mario cart, she has been getting bored with it, and she loved being able to review the Cars 2 game.  She loved being able to participate in missions, easily passing the C.H.R.O.M.E. (Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage) training missions.

She loved that she could play as the "girl" Holley Shiftwell. I picked Mater to play with, he cracks me up.  My husband even gave the game a whirl, and he liked playing as Lightning McQueen, or as my daughter used to call him "Lightning the Queen" she thought that was his name :) We were able to use the multi player mode and play against each other as well.  My daughter is looking forward to playing with her cousin (well playing against her cousin she loves to try to win). She had so much fun with this game!

With this game you can, drive on two wheels sidestep to avoid obstacles,  perform air tricks and more Cars 2 is available on the Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3 and PC/MAC. You can also unlock new characters and new tracks making the game more challenging and fun to play.

The rating on this game is 10+everyone. I did not see anything in the game that would scare younger kids, it just may be harder for the younger children to can on with how the game is to be played.

If you are looking for a great game for kids to play with by themselves or with others, Cars 2 is a fun and challenging game for the whole family.

Buy it:

Cars 2 game is available nationwide, and you could buy it on Amazon as well.

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