Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Evriholder Products - Review

 About Evriholder Products (from the website)

Evriholder Products, LLC is a family owned business founded in 1995. Our mission is to bring unique products, fresh ideas, stylish designs and superior functionality to consumers at prices that offer outstanding value. We strive to introduce clever new products that “really work” and beg the question… “Why didn’t I think of that?” If one of our products can make life easier or put a smile on your face, then we’ve accomplished our objective. Our products are innovative, functional, clever, affordable, and fun!

My Review:

Evriholder, has so many cool and different products, I was lucky enough to be able to review of few of their many items, I picked:
The Wonder bread sealer & de-cruster
Campbell's soup can- tainer
Squeeze it tooth paste 
Kellogg's Pop tart container

I have never had any items like the above items. But they are all such great ideas, why haven't I picked up some of these items in the past, they are all great. My favorite item by far is the Squeeze it toothpaste, this little wonder really flattens out the tooth paste tube, and you will not waste a drop of toothpaste, with this wonder, the package comes with two tooth paste squeezers, what a great deal. I have been wasting so much toothpaste all these years, and now I will get to use the entire contests of the toothpaste tube with no waste. 

The Campbell's soup can- tainer will make packing lunches in the winter easier for me, it will add a new lunch option.. soup! My daughter is a big fan of soup and it will be a nice break for her to be able to have soup for lunch. I remember when I was younger I had a thermos in my lunch kit and I would bring soup all the time. The Campbell's soup can- tainer reminds me so much of my well loved container, I just hope my daughter loves the warm soup for lunch like I did.

The Kellogg's Pop tart container is great for the car, when we go on long car drives, the first thing we hear is my daughter saying I'm Hungry! And we can't just stop at a fast food place all the time, I keep the pop tart container filled with a whole wheat pop tart, and this fills my daughter and she becomes a happy traveler. Why do you need a container you ask? Well the container keeps the pop tart from getting broken apart, and the container makes clean up easier, my daughter is able to keep the crumbles in the container, not the car!

Another favorite of my family is The Wonder bread sealer & de-cruster. My daughter will simply not eat crusts. She is a great eater and will try just about any type of food. But she will not eat crusts. And with this little wonder we do not have to buy those crust less sandwiches anymore we can save money and make our own. The de-cruster is easy to use, and in a few easy steps I can have a crust less sandwich for my daughters lunch. Needless to say my daughter is a big fan!

Don't mind my messy sandwich, I added too much jelly! My daughter loves jelly.

Evrilholder has such a great array of items, please check them out at 
http://www.evriholder.com/ Remember these are such cute stocking stuffers, and the holidays are right around the corner!

Buy it:

To find out more about Evriholder Products please visit the website here.

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