Friday, September 23, 2011

Mama Mia's Beef Jerky - Review

About Mama Mia's (from the website)

My Dad is the King of his Big Chief smoker. For birthday's I would always get a batch of his home smoked beef jerky. Oh, what a treat! My friends though so too! I was always inclined to share them which meant I would be left with very little for myself. One weekend I was house sitting for my mentors Rob and Lisa I had left them just a bit as a welcome home gift. The next day, a voice demanding, "All I want to know if who made that jerky? it was Rob. I described hoe dad marinated the jerky for three days then smokes it off.

Before I could complete the story Rob cut me off "Ok I need two pounds" I giggled and replied, "Dad does this out of love for his family, It's not a business" Rob looked at me like I was crazy and insisted "Mia, you better figure it out: given that I am a born entrepreneur, it only made sense for me to take dad's secret  recipe and share it with the world. Initially, I thought I was crazy. Now-a-days dad is thinking wow! As for the family and friends, we are still enjoying his jerky, often remarking, I know you will enjoy these tasty morsels as much as our family and friends.

My Review:

Do you like Jerky, real beef jerky, we are not talking the imitation beef jerky they sell in the supermarkets. I am talking jerky that is smoked with love and done right? Then you will love Mama Mia's jerky. I was fortunate enough to be able to try her jerky. We were sent a pack of original and honey teriyaki sweet and spicy. Mama Mia, also has turkey jerky, I did not get to try this but I am sure it is great!  Each jerky was easy to eat and delicious, taking the time to smoke the meat right leaves the meat juicy and easy to bite into. This is not a dry jerky, if you think jerky and then think tough and leathery well Mama Mia's jerky will change the way you feel about jerky, it will make you a jerky lover!

The original flavor was my daughter and my favorite, it had a great smoky flavor and was very easy to eat. My daughter loves jerky, it is one of her favorite snacks, but unfortunately she has not been able to eat it lately, she has a lot of loose teeth and eating jerky is sometimes hard for her, but not Mama Mia's jerky she was able to eat it with ease, she enjoyed this very much and asked for seconds. 

My husband was a huge fan of the teriyaki sweet and spicy, it has a nice sweet taste, but with a kick of spice. He enjoyed it so much, I has to make sure he did not eat the entire bag in one sitting! I am just glad that  Mama Mia's  was kind enough to share her dads secret recipe this with the world, I love that it was only for the family, and made with love, and now it is available to you and I.

Thank you again Mama Mia for sharing this wonder with the world! Why not pick some up for yourself?  Jerky 2 packs of jerky are sold for $12.00 

 The holidays are coming up quick, and good jerky makes a great stocking stuffer, I know my husband would love some more for a stocking stuffer.

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Jackie said...

My husband also loves beef jerky. What a great idea for a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Thanks for the review!

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