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Pittsburgh Soda Pop Review (And a Giveaway)

Pittsburgh Soda Pop makes premium syrups for soda pop. If you want soda pop that tastes great, and makes you proud to serve it, glad to have you here.  Our syrups are also naturally sweetened with granulated sugar.  No corn syrup or Splenda! We supply the syrup.  The fizz (sparkling water or seltzer) can be found at your local grocer in 1 liter bottles, or use your Soda Stream to make carbonated water.  It’s that easy.

Vanilla Root Beer
Cinnamon Swirl,
Salty Dog Lime,
Golden Cream Soda,
Grape Royale,
Black Cherry,
Spiced Root Beer

A couple of month’s back we received a Soda Stream, we love it; it is a kitchen utensil that is a huge part of our life. With that said the only drawback of the Soda Stream is the lack of flavors to choose from, sure you have all of your traditional flavors but like anything in life too much of the same thing and it gets to boring.

Here are a few pictures of the easy way to make your Pittsburgh soda with the soda stream...

Pittsburgh Soda Pop ( to the rescue! We had to opportunity to choose a few flavors to spice up our Soda Stream and they did just that! Just to let you know if you don’t have a Soda Stream but still want to try these fantastic syrups all the directions are on their site to let you know how to carbonate water without the help of a Soda Stream.
Here is a list (and my thoughts) of the flavors we were able to try:

Cinnamon Swirl: Once my husband saw that flavor there was no way I was not going to be able to choose this flavor. We discovered that you need a little more syrup than is called for with this flavor, it’s a light flavor and isn’t too sweet. You need about 5 ounces of syrup for 1 Soda Stream bottle, my husband added about 8 ounces and it provided the right amount of flavor for his liking. But remember he loves cinnamon; whenever something calls for cinnamon he always says add more because what they call for is not enough!  

Salty Dog Lime: It is neon green and looks like it came out of a mad scientist’s lab! It’s an eye catcher for sure.  But once you sip it you instantly taste all the flavors coming together, it certainly is limey but not over bearing, don’t be scared of the color, this is a great tasting syrup and a good alternative to all the lemon flavors. 

Butter Beer: This one intrigued us, we have heard tale of the other park in central Florida that serves this in the world of that kid with the scar and wand…..what’s his name??? This is a trip, it’s like carbonated butterscotch. Again another thing my husband loves is butterscotch, he went wild for this and polished off the bottle of syrup in less than a day. I’m glad I got a few sips in!

Black Cherry: Growing up in Philadelphia one of the local treats we had was Frank’s soda, it is local soda that made one of the greatest soda flavors ever Black Cherry Wishniak. We picked Black Cherry in hopes it came close to Frank’s, it came close alright it’s just as good! This isn’t just cherry soda, black cherry soda is so much better and this syrup only helps to prove my point. What a fantastic flavor, it brought back a rush of childhood memories as soon as I took my first sip of it. 

Golden Cream Soda: Cream soda is a one of those flavors of soda that can be too light tasting. I’ve had all of the major makers and Canada Dry seems to do it best, the rest have no bite including Barq’s which is known for its bite. The Golden Cream syrup is as good as Canada Dry; it’s got that cream taste I look for with a hint of vanilla. 

Grape Royal: I feel like a broken record but the Grape Royale is as good if not better than Welch’s grape soda. Between the 3 of us this bottle was emptied pretty quickly. We enjoyed the Grape Royale; my daughter took a find liking to it, shocking that a 6 year old gravitates towards the grape soda! But kids tell the truth when asked about things and when I asked her about the Grape Royal she smacked her lips and gave me a thumbs up, she was too busy drinking to speak.

Spiced Root Beer: Like your Root Beer with bite? They got your bite right here! My husband always said that when he ate anything cinnamon and drank A&W or Hire’s root beer after it tasted more like Barq’s. I thought it was his blind love of cinnamon but he actually has a point. The Spiced Root Beer is flavored with cinnamon and clove and has the bite we love in root beer. I was a little leery because I tried homemade root beer made by the Amish and it was DREADFUL! I’m glad I decided to give Spiced Root Beer a chance; the Amish can learn a few things from this syrup.

Vanilla Root Beer: It’s the perfect combination of cream soda and root beer. It’s like root beer with the edge taken off; it’s a smooth tasting root beer, no bite like the spiced but just a crisp, smooth flavor with just enough vanilla to even it out. 

All in all I have to say we were totally impressed with Pittsburgh Soda Pop. They make our Soda Stream even more fun to use! The cost of each bottle of syrup is $6.00 for a 20 ounce bottle which yields 4 liters of soda. This was only a small sample of the flavors they offer, there are more much more and they have some unique flavors such as bubble gum and chocolate peanut butter! Why drink regular soda when you can something so much more?

Buy it:

To purchase these and other great soda syrups please visit Pittsburgh Soda Pop.

Win it:

One winner will win 8 (20oz) soda syrups of your choice.

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latanya t said...

Golden cream soda

CherylSab said...

The cinnamon swirl sounds interesting!!

Vanessa C. said...

Golden Cream Soda!

PsMamae said...

Golden cream soda!

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon Swirl

tannawings said...

The salty dog lime sounds yummy!

sue14625 said...

ButterBeer, very interesting name sounds tasty

Kimberly said...

I would like to try Butter Beer

smilekisses said...

Bananas Foster sounds yummo!

Hoa said...

I like the Sparkling Pomegranate flavor.


elangomatt said...

All of the flavors sound unusual, but I'd like to try the cream soda with honey (and the Harry Potter fan in me wants to try the Butterbeer)

Unknown said...

cherry! it goes with anything!

mama2kaylabug at aol dot com

Unknown said...

Bubble gum blast sounds like it would be the best, dunno about those other flavors lol

babytrees said...

I am with your husband...cinnamon swirl!!

theresa _ heppner at yahoo dot com

Kathy P said...

i like the Black

Kellie Conklin said...

Yum, my favorite flavor was Sparkling Pomegranate! Thanks!

slehan said...

What? Just pick one? I'd like all the ones you tried and the Virgin Island Ginger Beer.
I have a Soda Stream and will enjoy the new flavors.
Thanks for the contest.

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