Monday, November 21, 2011

Chrystallia And the Source of Light by P.M. Glaser Book - Review

Are you looking for a great fantasy book, that is unique? I would like to introduce you to Chrystallia And the Source of Light by P.M. Glaser , here is a little info about the book from the authors site:

In this beautifully illustrated children's fantasy story, two siblings struggle against sharp-edged, bedazzling foes to arrive at a place of knowing, to which they and everything belong. It's Christmas, but thirteen-year-old Maggie and her ten-year-old brother Jesse are anything but joyful. Their mother is dying, the bank is about to foreclose on their home, and very soon, everything about their lives will change. In an adventure that takes them below the earth's surface to a realm inhabited by crystalline life forms - some of which seem to have been spawned from the children themselves - the sister and brother discover the strength of their bond, the breadth of their courage, and the awesome power of love. Amid dazzling displays of colours and shapes, Maggie and Jesse must move through crystal planes and canyons as they do battle with King Bloo, the princes Red and Orange, and Holy Clear. Jesse learns from Princess Amethyst that the thing that scares him the most can waken him to his greatest strength. Sharing his secret with Maggie ultimately leads the two to a place of forgiveness, called home.

 My Take:

I recently had the chance to read the book Chrystallia And the Source of Light by P.M. Glaser

Chrystallia, is a magical story about a brother and sister Jesse and Maggie Cooper, who are swept into a wonderful world of crystals. With a terminally ill mother Jessie wants something to believe in, something that will help his mother. He turns to the magic of crystals. And they both end up in the wonderful world of Chrystallia.

I read this book and I enjoyed it. For me it was a quick read, it reminded me of “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” it was a book filled with great characters that kept my interest. My 12 year old niece asked to read the book as well, and she enjoyed it too. She liked it so much, she asked to keep the book to read again in the future.

The kids reminded of my brother and I growing up. My brother and I are the same age difference as Jesse and Maggie. Being the big sister, we (my brother and I) had some of the same arguments, and disagreements.

The author of the book P.M. Glaser, has such a wonderful imagination.  P.M. Glaser is an author, actor and a director. In this book he incorporates his love of geology and his want to remind us how to deal with our fears.

So will the kids get out of this world, and go back to their family? Will the crystals help their mother? Well I can’t tell you that, you will have to pick the book up to find this out. 

With the holidays right around the corner, If there is a  fantasy book lover in the family be it a tween or an adult. This would make a great gift!

Buy it:

You can purchase this book at retailers nationwide or on amazon.

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