Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves - Review

With the weather getting cold here in the northeast, and with the winter we had last year with nearly a weekly snowstorm, what I need is a great pair of gloves. And as a tech savvy mom, I am never without my smart phone. And I need to be able to use my phone in the winter… I would like to introduce you all to a great gift idea Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves.

Information about Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves (from the website)

Sensor Touch™ gloves are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, for both men and women, including products constructed with patent-pending TouchTec® Leather, Infi-Knit™ Technology and Conductive Thread Technology.

TouchTec® Leather is uniquely processed with Nano Technology to mimic the touch of the human hand. This allows the wearer of a TouchTec® Leather glove to activate a touch screen device without removing the glove and exposing their hand to the cold.
Men’s style Apollo (suggested retail $90) and women’s style Cupid (suggested retail $80) are designed to be functional fitting, classic looking leather gloves that allow for touch point control. Both styles are available in Black S, M, L, and XL sizes, with men’s Apollo also being available in XXL.

Infi-Knit™ Technology gloves have conductive material weaved throughout the glove for complete connectivity. The wearer can use any part of the glove to active a touch screen device. Men’s style Socrates (retail $45) and women’s style Leto (retail $40) feature a Winterknit™ design that allows for a flexible and comfortable fit. Socrates is available in Black and Grey in sizes M, L and XL. Leto is available in Black, Grey and Red in S/M and L/XL.

My Review:

It is already getting pretty chilly here in the northeast, and I am sure it will continue to get colder and colder.  Are you like me and are never without your smartphones, music players or Ipads? One of the annoyances to me in the winter season are gloves… They are a must have with the freezing weather, but having bulky gloves make it impossible to use my devices. I have to take the gloves off to use them, and this leads to freezing hands and lost gloves (yes I have lost my fair share of gloves in my day).

I have seen texting gloves in the past, but they are usually just thumb less gloves, what about your poor thumbs how will they stay warm? And the gloves I have seen in the past were marketed towards tweens, sparkly heart hot pink & yellow gloves are not for me? Will there ever be fashionable sensor touch gloves that keep all of your fingers warm? I will have to say …….yes!

I was very fortunate to be able to review a pair of Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves, they look just like a regular pair of fashionable red gloves. But will they work on my media devices? I wore the gloves to work yesterday and I have to say they sure kept my hands warm, but will they work on my smart phone? I was waiting for the bus, and I tested them out, and I have to say I am impressed. I was able to use my phone with ease, it was like I had no gloves on at all! Wow! Being able to have warm hands and text, email, surf the internet? Yes it is possible with the Leto Women’s Texting glove.

I would recommend these gloves for a great holiday gift. If you have a tech savvy person on your holiday list be sure to check out the great sensor touch gloves. Don’t worry they have a selection for women and men, so everyone on your gift list will be covered.

Buy it:

You can purchase a pair of Grandoe Sensor Touch Gloves here for only $40!  Take 15% off any full priced luxury handwear purchase from Cire by Grandoe Just use the promotion code: SLELEVEN at checkout. (Discount is good until the end of the year).

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