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Holiday Gift Guide: Perplexus Maze Game - by Plasmart, Inc. - Review

What is a  Perplexus? Well it is a challenging game... Well more of a puzzle.. Here is an explanation from the website.

The concept behind PERPLEXUS was created by 3-D design teacher Michael McGinnis in the late 1970's as a project for an art class. Michael envisioned turning his creation into a toy. He had no idea this vision would turn into a decades long odyssey to get the game to market.
After almost 20 years, Michael met the inventors at KID Group, one of the premier inventing houses in the toy industry. They collaborated on the design to make it more suitable for consumers. It was finally ready. The original product was marketed as Superplexus.

Through many twists and turns in the toy industry, Superplexus got tangled up in some changes and ended up being shelved just as it was getting started. But that isn't the end of the story...
In 2008, a group of enthusiasts contacted KID Group about licensing Superplexus. Busy Life, LLC acquired the rights to Superplexus and launched PERPLEXUS in its current form.

At New York Toy Fair in 2009, Busy Life, LLC formed a distribution partnership with PlaSmart, Inc. a Canadian toy company. PlaSmart fell in love with the product and now distributes PERPLEXUS products worldwide. Retailer and consumer response has been amazing. Busy Life, KID Group and Michael McGinnis work closely developing innovative products that will be available soon.

So here we are in the present. PERPLEXUS is selling well all over the world. We think this is just the beginning of a long-term success story!

My Review:

My daughter loves to play games, she has always loved games. As she grows she is getting more into computer and DS games. Now most of them aren’t very educational and do not really stimulate her brain. But I was  very fortunate to be able to review a great new toy puzzle (well new to us) a Perplexus. We were lucky to be able to try the Original and the Rookie Perplexus. Well it is a cool maze game, you move a small marble around barriers in a sphere.   

You have to get from position 1 to 100. Confusing explanation… Well I would describe a Perplexus as kind of a labyrinth game, but more intricate and more fun to play, like a labyrinth you have to carefully shift and guide the marble but unlike the others you can also twist the sphere making this more challenging. And this requires no batteries!  Having a no batteries required toy is great! No worries with batteries dying on a long car ride.  I have to admit I am having fun myself with the Original one.

 I will have to move epic one day… But first I have to get through the original. Perhaps I should have started with the rookie. It is not that easy… you really have to use your brain. My husband on the other hand is very competitive… Of course he has to get to a higher level than me… I will just have to practice so I can win next time.  

My daughter loves the rookie, previously she has never played a game like this… (well there is a game similar on the iphone… again with the computer games) she has a lot of fun trying to get the ball to go where she wants it to go. I love that this will make her use her mind and she does not just zone out and play it like video games. She actually has to think to play it, and that is great.

My daughter’s birthday is about a month away, I will make sure to break out this great puzzle during the party. I am sure the kids as well as the adults will have fun with Perplexus.

If you are looking for a gift for a child (or adult) . I would recommend a Perplexus. A way to have fun and use your mind. For kids and adults! The Peplexus Rookie is for ages 4 and up. The Perplexus Original is for ages 6 and up. And the Perplexus Epic is for ages 8 and up. 

Buy it:

You can purchase a Perplexus at a store near you click here at go to I want one..

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