Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The fun Uncle Milton's Boba Fett Launch Lab!

Being the Star Wars/Boba Fett fan in our house makes me uniquely qualified to do this review of Uncle Milton’s ( Fett LaunchLab

Launch Boba Fett sky-high and perform three different flight experiments. Just step on the launch pad and watch him fly. Does Boba Fett land in a different place when he has his jetpack on? Does the jetpack go higher if it's launched on its own? Experiment over and over to find out with the Boba Fett Launch Lab! Soars up to 50 feet! 3 Launch modes! Easy to use air pump.
  • 1 - Boba Fett Rocket Pack
  • 1 -Boba Fett
  • 1 - Launch Pad
  • 1 - Connecting Tube
  • 1 - Sand Skiff
  • 1 - Educational manual
  • 1 - Instructions
When my wife told me she had a chance to review a product from Uncle Milton I was excited, I was already familiar with them from listening to the Star Wars Action News podcast for many years, that’s where I became familiar with Uncle Milton and their many scientific toys and just flat out cool toys. What we received was Bob Fett Launch Lab, which is an air propelled rocket, it was rather simple to put together my only advice would be to use crazy glue to keep the legs of the sand skiff on because you need them to let the toy lay flat on the ground.
After a few stomps on the air pocket that launches Boba into the sky the legs were constantly falling off, a little crazy glue is a simple fix to end that issue. And that was the only real issue we had, otherwise this toy kept 2 adults and 2 kids occupied for almost an hour, it would have lasted longer but we were starting to run out of sunlight and had to call it a day.
  (why are the girls in evening gowns? well they love to dress up.
 The toy itself was (no pun intended) a blast, it claims to be able to fly 50 feet in the air, a claim we were ready to call shenanigans on because we couldn’t get Boba to fly much higher than 12 feet! We took off his jet pack and tried it again and that worked, he went from 12 feet to well over 40 feet!  We were having so much fun taking turns blasting the galaxies most feared bounty hunter into the sky and trying to catch him before he hit the ground. One of the funnier moments is when I shot Mr. Fett up onto my in-laws roof! Thankfully my father in law had a ladder in the backyard and we were able to continue our fun, we had a good laugh at that. 
Uncle Milton has some amazing products, these are toys but they’re so much more, they’re a great learning tool. Science is made easy with Uncle Milton, kids will learn about science while having a great time with a great toy.

And with the holidays right around the corner, Uncle Milton's is a great place to shop, for the kids (or big adult kids) on your holiday list!

Buy it:
Please visit Uncle Milton to buy this and so many more cool, educational toys.
For more information make sure to check out the Uncle Milton website, and follow them on facebook.

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