Friday, November 11, 2011

Zaggora Hotpants – Review

As many of you know I recently started Nutrisystem, and I am doing all I can to lose weight and shape up. I was so fortunate to be sent a pair of Hot Pants to start my fitness/weight loss journey.

I was so excited to have been chosen to try out the Zaggora Hotpants, well what are hot pants? Here is the technical explanation from the website:

Every woman has a layer under their skin (dermis) of connective tissue. This has areas of breakage which allows fat cells (adipose tissue) to come through to the surface. Guys are lucky enough not have this as their connective tissue is unbroken.This breakage in the connective tissue contributes to the dimpled appearance of skin, causing the appearance of the dreaded ‘cellulite’. To make things worse, the modern lifestyle and work cycle, geared towards long periods of sitting at work, lead to lower circulation in the thighs and tummy.

Let HOTPANTS™ be your secret weapon. HOTPANTS™ are super comfortable and can be worn indoors, or out, on their own or under clothes. Wear HOTPANTS™ when you are going about your day, when you are exercising or even doing the housework!  At zaggora we believe that our customers should speak for our product. Real women have been joining the zaggora conversation writing their HOTPANTS™ stories on facebook. Check out what people are saying about HOTPANTS™.

My Review:

I have to say I was so happy that I would be getting these great pants to help me with my new fitness/weight loss routine. When the pants arrived, I just could not figure out how they would really work, they just looked kind of like shorts. I would say they look like biker pants, remember those from the 80’s (oh goodness I am showing my age!)But they have a different feel…

I wanted to get right into the swing of my new workout routine with my new hot pants. I put the pants on, and they fit well, my only little complaint is that they felt a little odd when I first put them on, but that is ok they felt good after a few minutes. I went on to start my work out, and I have to say these pants got me seating right away! I was hot alright!  Well sweating means the workout is working, and I will be losing inches before I know it!

I am sure after using these pants on a regular basis, I will be “hot in my pants” with a great looking butt and smaller waist. I can’t wait! What a great Christmas present for me!  The cost per pair  $71.86 now this may be a lot, but you get what you pay for. If the product works, it is worth the extra $$ in my opinion.

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, Hot Pants would make a great gift for a person starting a diet, or a person who is an advid gym goer, it can only help them lose those extra pounds.  

For more information about Hotpants please check them out on Facebook or Twitter

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Hey Susan, thanks for sharing your thoughts about Hotpants. We'd be happy to read about your results after the 2 week challenge too!

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