Thursday, December 29, 2011

Allergy Luxe Bed Bug Mattress Protector and Pillow Protectors - Review

Are you as concerned as I am about the recent rise in beg bug incidents? I want to be able to protect my mattress, and I know how I can, a mattress cover from Allergy Luxe. Here is a little more information about Allergy Luxe from the website:

Allergy Luxe produces products that offer long-lasting comfort and protection, while providing the perfect refuge from today’s fast-paced world. Our products have proven to make a dramatic difference in how people sleep. Paired with Arm & Hammer our product line is featured at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I was very fortunate to be able to review a mattress cover and a pillowcase cover:

Good night, sleep tight. Entomologist lab tested and recommended, Allergy Luxe® Bed Bug mattress protectors with scientifically-tested and patent pending security zipper closures are meant to stop the penetration of bed bugs in fabric. The fabric is also treated with Arm & Hammer™ odor neutralizing technology. Covers mattress depth of 17". 100% polyester microfiber. Full measures 54" W x 75" L. Queen is 60" W x 80" L. King measures 78" W x 80" L. California King is 72" W x 84" L. Machine wash. Lifetime warranty. Imported.

My Review:

I’m a bed checker, we go on vacation and I check the beds as soon as I get into the room, there is no way I want to bring home bed bugs as a souvenir! Nasty, yucky, a pain to deal with and just something we don’t want. I also take precautions at home to help prevent bed bugs on our beds and pillows are Allergy Luxe Premium Bed Bug Barrier Protectors.

We are a traveling family, it is just something we all love to do. But I am always afraid of bring home unwanted guests from our many hotel stays. We say in pretty nice hotels, but still I have heard some bad things even in nice hotels.  When I came home from a vacation, I read a horror story about a bed bug infestation at a hotel… It was the hotel I just came back from! I was so scared, luckily my room did not seem to be affected.  Since then I have been very cautious when going to hotel rooms checking the beds, leaving my luggage on a hard floor surface. I do whatever  I can to be safe when away.

So with all of this traveling, I have to make sure my mattress at home is safe and protected. I was very fortunate to be able to review a mattress cover and a pillow case cover.  I paid a lot for my mattress, and I want the mattress to last. I don’t want something to happen to it.  Especially bed bugs.. just the thought!....... The little buggers can’t get into the bedding because they can’t get past the Allergy Luxe bedding protectors. I’d much rather have to replace the protectors than have to replace an entire bed set, it’s cheaper and easier!

Don’t give the bugs a chance to bug you, stop them in their tracks before they become a nuisance, bed bugs aren’t easy to deal with and can take months to get rid of. Why go through the hassle when all you have to do is protect your bed and pillow, all it takes is a few minutes but the peace of mind is totally worth it. Besides protecting my bed from the bed bugs, they also protect from mold and mildew. I have allergies, and mold & mildew in the bed… that would be just terrible.

I put the covers on the bed, and it was pretty easy, I would say it was just like putting a fitted sheet on the bed.  The cover was very soft. It was not hard like a plastic sheet. I had no trouble sleeping on it, and I am a light sleeper.  And the pillow case fit my large fluffy pillow well.

I will have to stop by my local Bed-Bath-and-Beyond and pick up a pillow case cover for my husband. He was not lucky enough to get one to try, and he surely wants one too. I will pick it up and surprise him with it, trust me this will be a great gift for him. He is as much of a bugaphobe (I don’t think that is really a word but you know what I mean)  as I am, bugs just gross him out so much. And I am sure he will sleep better having the pillow case cover that protects his pillow from bed bugs.

So if you are also concerned about bed bugs, and mold and mildew in your mattress. Make sure to pick up a great mattress cover from Allergy Luxe, it is well worth the investment.

Buy it:
You can purchase an Allergy Luxe Bed Bug Mattress Protector at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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