Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Cars from the Disney Movies

Guest Post By Louis:

The Disney Cars movies have been very popular and working with Pixar
ensures the animation is incredible and lifelike. The Cars characters
really come to life and the first Cars movie was so popular that a
sequel followed. Mario Andretti even voices a car that is based on the ford Fairlane that he
drove to victory in the 1967 Daytona 500.This is not the first time that
Disney has used cars as the main characters. Viewers may remember Herbie
the Love Bug. There were several of these made because the character of
Herbie was so likeable. These movies were made with real actors
alongside Herbie as the independent minded Volkswagen Beetle. The first
movie was shown in 1968 and several have since followed. The story of
Herbie was even made into a short-lived television show in 1982.

The Cars movies are beloved by young and old. Animated movies are no
longer just for kids. The way the storylines are now told makes them
compelling to people of all ages. It has often been noted that parents
sometimes use their kids as an excuse to go see Disney animated movies.
Pixar has made a big difference to Disney and how the stories are
animated. Before computer graphics became so widely used the characters
were painstakingly drawn by hand. It often took a long time and
exceptional talent to do this task. Graphics are now incredibly
realistic and animated movies often carry storylines that are meant for
a more mature audience.

In the Cars movies a new series of animated heroes were introduced to
audiences. Characters such as Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile have
become audience favorites. Sarge and Ramone are two more of the Cars
gang that have come alive to audiences. Cars can be viewed as an
ensemble movie since there are so many different car characters involved
in the storyline. Many of the cars are voiced by famous actors such as
Michael Caine and Paul Newman. The distinct voices of the actors give
the Cars characters instant appeal. The storyline pits the good guys
against the bad guys and has everyone cheering when the good guys win.
The main characters are likeable and it is easy to get involved in the
storyline and cheer them on.

Another of the favorite characters is Mack who is voiced by John
Ratzenberger. He inadvertently sets up the dilemma that Lightning
McQueen suffers from during the movie. It is only natural that a movie
with cars as the main characters should take place in the racing world.
There are some spies and mad scientists thrown in for good measure and
to add complexity to the plot. It is never as simple as going to the
racetrack for our heroes. Roadblocks are set up at every turn and our
intrepid characters must overcome adversity in order to come out
victorious. The Cars movies are good clean fun for the whole family and
even parents are not bored when watching the entertaining turns the
storyline takes.

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