Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Baconery - Review

 Are you looking for a different gift? A delicious gift? Any bacon lovers in the family? I would like to introduce you to the Baconery. Here is a little info about the Baconery from the website:

Two ingredients that make everything taste like heaven in your mouth. Apart, these ingredients represent a delicious cornucopia of different tastes, but together they create an explosive flavor that is seldom rivaled in the food world. Everyone has talked about it. People have dreamed about it. Most were afraid to put them together. It's a secret, twisted fantasy that everyone hides their love for. And now it's a reality.
My name is Wesley Klein and I'm a breakfast and dessert kind of guy. One day I was at breakfast and I used my thick-cut bacon to sop up the last remaining drops of maple syrup from my plate and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I eat breakfast for the delicious salty goodness of the bacon. I love dessert for the sugary experience of warm chocolate chip cookies, brownies, syrup on french toast, and more. It only made sense to marry the two together so the world could enjoy it's long-awaited fantasy.

Like a mad scientist, I spent months in the kitchen with breakfast chefs, pastry chefs, and more, until we stumbled upon the exact formula for infusing these two ingredients into the perfect culinary combination. Let's just say it was an orgasmic explosion of bacon, chocolate, nuts, fruits, and any other ingredient we thought fit to combine. We birthed the "BACONERY."

So, I set out on a mission. I assembled the best "baconery" chefs I could find. I purchased the finest ingredients I could buy in order to re-define the bakery experience and bring you something you've never seen before.
It's coming and it will BLOW YOUR MIND! It'll launch your tastebuds into the stratosphere. Your taste palette will never be the same again.
My Review:

For years I’ve seen shows on the Food Network about using bacon as a sweet treat, I was intrigued but I never had an opportunity to try it until I was sent a box full of bacon goodness from Baconery ( I have to be honest and say as much as I wanted to try it I was still a little hesitant. I mean after all it’s bacon inside a cookie or brownie! Kind of odd but you have to be willing to at least try things once. And I’m glad I did!

You would think a generally salty, savory product such as bacon wouldn’t really lend itself to something sweet like a brownie but it really does add to the flavor. Salt is good, not for you specifically but for the taste of your food. You add something salty to chocolate and well that’s just pure nirvana. It took a few seconds to get used to having to really chew my brownie but it was worth the effort.

Not only was the bacon good the product that wrapped itself around the bacon was first rate. My husband kept raving about the cookies, the cookies were really done well, they had the perfect balance of softness and body. Not too mushy but not too solid, they really were good. The brownies were ridiculous, I’ve had brownies from several well-known brownie bakers and I have to tell you these brownies were in the top three of brownies I’ve ever eaten, they were that good.

And l can’t forget the chocolate dipped bacon pretzels….how can you forget something that crazy?! Needless to say all those goodies didn’t last longer than two days around here and with good reason…bacon and chocolate work well together and the Baconery really knows what they’re doing.

Since the holidays are almost here, if you have someone on your list that is a bacon lover they will just love this~ What a unique gift to give! So if you are looking for a unique gift sweet lovers will love think of the Baconary you will love the great items!

Buy it:

Please visit the  Baconery  to purchase any of the above items and more!

For more info make sure to follow the Baconery on Facebook.

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