Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: CarMD Vehicle Heath System - Review (And a Giveaway)

Are you looking for a great gift idea? Do you know someone with a car? Well they could use a CarMD. It is great gift for students, family and friends. Here is a little information about CarMD from the website:

The mission of is to empower consumers and the vehicle market by providing them with the tools and information needed to make educated decisions about vehicle health and maintenance.

Our products employ the latest technologies that help everyone access and decipher vehicle diagnostic information using simple, quick and accurate methods.

Our website will be THE portal where consumers go for “all things automotive”. It is our intent to develop mutually rewarding relationships with our investors, employees, partners, suppliers and – most importantly, our customers.

·         You can save money by fixing simple problems yourself 
·         You can find out why your check engine light is on
·         Know what needs to be fixed and what it should cost before seeing a mechanic

And who would not love to diagnose some of your car problems by yourself, and save $$$? 

My Review:

I’ve said if before here I like gadgets, and I really like car gadgets. I’m not Mr. Goodwrench in any way shape or form but I like to think I am and the CarMD lets me feel like I know what I’m doing because it does what I can’t. Diagnose issues with my car.

This little money saving gadget is quite amazing, it’s as simple as plugging it into your car let it gather the information then from there you plug it into your computer and in a matter of seconds you get a complete diagnosis. Hopefully everything is ok but if there is a problem the CarMD will let you know what’s wrong. And what’s better than going into a mechanic’s shop and already knowing what the issue is with your car? It’s empowering knowing that you know the issue and that you can’t be conned into maybe being told something else is wrong with your car. 

I’m due for my car inspection in the next couple of months and I’m usually a little afraid of what they’re going to “find” granted my car is new and shouldn’t have any issues but before I go to get him inspected I will plug CarMD into my car and let the Doctor do his work. Knowledge is king and we can never get enough. Better to be in the know than in the dark. You might not be a gearhead, you don’t have to be with the CarMD.

This is a great gift idea, do you know someone going off to school? Would you like have them know their car is alright, that would be great. This is a great gift for anyone who has a car, what a way to put your mind at ease.

The great folks at CarMD are offering a CarMD Vehicle Heath System for one of my readers. To enter please visit and take a look around then come back here and tell me something you learned. There are also other ways to win. Please enter below.

Buy it:

Please visit to purchase this great gift!

Win it:

One winner will win a CarMD Vehicle Heath System

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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eclairre said...

I learned Even the average repair for a "check engine light" issue costs just over $300.

jmajor4870 said...

helps when looking into buying a used car. will help you not buy a lemon

tannawings said...

I learned you can test to see if your car is safe to drive.

wizardewu said...

I learned that all cars made since 1996 have a place to plug in CarMd.
eugeniewu at gmail dot com

Elena said...

I learned that when it comes to vehicle safety, the brakes top the list of systems that need to be routinely inspected and repaired immediately should motorists suspect any problems.

I have both of your buttons on my blog:

Audra W. said...

I learned that it can catch a long list of things including Check Engine Light Diagnosis, Ignition System Failure and the Thermostat. One thing it doesn't check for is tire pressure.

Snowflake Day Play at gmail dot com

Audra W. said...

Also I'm a google friend follower as SnowflakeDay (Audra).
Didn't see a line for that info in the form.

Elena said...

I blogged:

Vanessa C. said...

- I learned that it's pocket sized.

- PsMamae on Networked Blogs.

- Button / HGG Button and / Blogroll :

Thank You!

sparkedcat said...

i learned that Carmd works on 1996 and newer vehicles.

russrpm said...

I learned that the average repair for a "check engine light" issue costs just over $300.

Jody Sisson said...

I learned that A vehicle’s engine cooling system affects its overall dependability and engine longevity, according to the Car Care Council.
jodysis at windstream dot net

Chip said...

Learned that they received the The Best Products of Macworld 2010, Computerworld - Jill L

Unknown said...

I learned that Check engine light technology is found on all vehicles manufactured for use in the U.S. since 1996

GFC: katierox4you
Networked blogs: Katie Smith
Holiday/regular button:

Katie Smith

Unknown said...

you can test to see if your car is safe to drive.

Farm Mommy 3 said...

I learned that Even the average repair for a "check engine light" issue costs just over $300, according to That's so expensive!!!!

-Syndel Valle
Farm_mommy3@yahoo dot com

Marianna said...

I learned that the average repair for a "check engine light" issue costs just over $300,

Kathleen Conner said...

the average repair for a "check engine light" issue costs just over $300

klconn7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tonya said...

I learned that they also offer a membership plan

Anonymous said...

i learned that is pocket sized. thanks
fb name rochelle johnson

daveshir2005 said...

I learned that A blinking or flashing check engine light indicates a more severe problem that is doing mechanical damage to your car and should not be ignored.

fb/shirley greenawalt zolenski
twitter/ daveshir2005
google +/ shirley pebbles

John Billiris said...

I learned that the brakes top the list of systems that need to be routinely inspected

cbstrat (at) gmail (dot) com

bbrittbrat1398 said...

I learn that cars since 1996 can be used with the carmd
gfc brittney house

sottovoce said...

I learned there are so many things Car MD checks/! Such as Engine Coolant temp, Idle Air Control, oxygen sensors...and more! :-) Thank you.

Jessica said...

My GFC name- PaintedPony17

Jennifer Paige said...

This is a great tool to use if you're looking to buy a used car!

tlcfromtn said...

I learned that CarMD is designed to work on all 1996 and newer vehicles driven in the U.S., with on-board diagnostic second generation (OBD2) technology.

Unknown said...

I found out it works on cars that are from 1996 or newer. SweepsGirl(at)aol(dot)com

Unknown said...

Both buttons are on my blog and your on my blog roll.

barb hunt said...

Thanks for the great contest!

Kathy P said...

The "CHECK ENGINE" light comes on when your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics computer finds a problem that may affect emissions. Problems can range in severity from a loose gas cap, which wastes fuel and causes pollution, to an engine misfire, which may cause permanent damage. In any case, there is no need to panic. Most of the time, it’s just the vehicle’s computer telling you to get it looked at soon. Always reference your vehicle’s service manual for what to do when your “CHECK ENGINE” light comes on.

Jennifer Neal said...

It doesn't check for tire pressure.

cassandra marquez said...

RAB POM- fb name
gfc follower cassandra marquez

I learned it checks intake air heater, tire pressure, clutch position sensor among other things!

carol lewis said...

spcale at yahoo dot com.

mail4rosey said...

I learned they have a good return policy:
Thousands of satisfied customers have seen hundreds and even thousands of auto repair savings, but if you see that it does not save you money during the first year of use, just call us at 1-888-692-2763 between the hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Saturday (PST) for a return authorization (RMA) number.

Erica G said...

I learned that they have a used car rating section of their web site.

cinderwhims at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I learned info about buying a new car.

brich2222 said...

learned leon c chen is founder and ceo

brich2222 said...

gfc, fb,networked blogs richard hicks
button and blog roll

brich2222 said...

brich22 at earthlink dot net

/\Heather/\ said...

gfc - /\Heather/\
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tannawings said...

I follow you on Networked Blogs ellen beck

There wasnt a space on the form to say it.

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