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Holiday Gift Guide: My Twinn Doll - Review

Are you looking for a gift for a special someone this holiday season? Well I would like to tell you about the ultimate gift for a little girl from ages 3 to 12, a My Twinn doll.

 The My Twinn doll is a special friend for your daughter, granddaughter, son or grandson. We create each doll to resemble a photo, provided by the customer, of the child between the ages of 3 and 12. As the customer, you will choose the skin color, eye color, and hair color, as well as the hair style and texture. From the photos that you provided, our Artisans will choose a face shape that matches an overall likeness of the child and then assemble each doll, complete with custom eyebrows hand-painted by our Artisans and hairstyling by our Hair-stylists. Each personalized doll is created as it is ordered.

The My Twinn head is made from high quality polyurethane petroleum based vinyl with beautiful natural skin tones. The body consists of a plastic armature covered with polyurethane foam tucked inside of soft cloth. The arms from the elbows to the fingers and the legs from the knee to the toes are created of the same high quality vinyl as the head. The hair is of the highest quality modacrylic fiber, lifelike in look and feel, and is professionally styled and cut for a beautiful likeness. My Twinn dolls are 23" tall and include 18 points of poseability.

My Twinn offers 5 "Meet" outfits to choose from, one of which the doll will come home in to “meet” your special little girl. You can find the current meet outfits on our Custom Doll Designer in step 3 Here. The Personalized doll is priced at $149, if you would like to add the Girl’s matching outfit the price is $199 plus shipping and any applicable taxes.

My Twinn dolls can take up to 3 weeks to create once we have received the photos and/or freckling information.

My Twinn is the Just Like Me Doll! This is a handcrafted gift that is as unique and as individual as you! Artisans create each My Twinn Doll one at a time, like a fine work of art.

My Review:

My daughter has a ton of dolls, I’m not kidding. She loves to play with them and dress them up and fix their hair and be a mommy to them. But she keeps complaining that none of her dolls look like her.  My daughter has always wanted a doll that looks like her. She has golden brown hair and brown eyes. You would not think there is a problem, but it is, most dolls have very dark brown hair, and many dolls have blue eyes.  She has some dolls with brown hair and some with brown eyes but we’ve never been able to get the correct combination on one doll. That is until now!

My Twinn ( ) makes it easy for you to get that combination so your daughter has a doll that looks like her! Curly hair with whispy bangs and freckles? Not a problem! Bright red hair with brown eyes and a few birth marks? Yep, they can do that too! The doll creator is a lot of fun, the choices are plentiful so no one is left out of the mix. You can even up load a picture of your daughter to make the design process even easier. I uploaded 3 pictures of my daughter, to make sure they would be able to get her likeness in doll form.  With the creator you pick the skin color of the doll, the hair color, eye color, hair length (yes your child doll can have short or very long hair just like your child)  you can pick the outfit for your doll to come with too.

My daughter received her Twinn and was blown away at the fact that her new doll looked like her. She kept on rambling about the hair and eyes being the same and she totes her doll around like it’s an actual baby. To say this doll was a hit with her is an understatement! You have 6 options (5 as of this writing) of outfits that is included in the price and on top of that you have the option of having the dolls ears pierced (minus the crying) and the other accessories are too many to list, the customization is endless. They also have so many great accessories you can purchase to go with your doll. Does your doll need a puppy, well they have one for it. Would your child like to wear the same outfit as her special doll. No problem My Twinn has matching outfits so you little girl can match her doll, I know my daughter will just love that. I will have to see if Santa can fit that in his bag this year  to put under the tree….

Every little girl needs THAT doll in her collection, that doll that will be hers and will stay with her until she has children and grandchildren. It’s like a snap shot in time, she’ll be able to show her kids and grandkids that this is what grand mom looked like when she was your age. The My Twinn doll is THAT doll. 

With the holidays right around the corner if you are looking for a multi-racial doll, or just a hard to find light brown hair and dark brown eyed doll like the one my daughter needed. My Twinn has the doll that will be the twin that little girl on your list will just love! Remember it takes about 3 weeks to make the doll so act now, and if you do act now you will also get $100 worth of merchandise, and if you spend $50 -$75 you can get $50 worth of merchandise.

Buy it:

Please visit My Twinn to purchase this special doll for that special someone!

Would you like to win your own My Twinn Doll? My Twinn is hosting an online contest please visit the site to enter. But hurry! The contest ends 12/5/11!

And they are having this great deal spend $100 and get $100 worth of stuff free! Act now! Expires 12/3/11

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