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A bag with a special meaning from Calico Dragon Bags

Are you a lover of animals, and are they as important you as they are to me? Would you like to do something to help animals that need your help. Well I have a great company who care for animals as much as you and I do. Calico Dragon Bags. Here is a little more info about the owner of Calico DragonBags from the website:

I have always donated to various charities over the years, but it never was enough to make a really big difference in my opinion. In order to change that, I had to figure out a way to make more money. Then it hit me, why not start a company that says, "We donate to these causes -- the one on this purse!!" Perfect, now we can benefit animals financially, and as a result of the message each purse reflects, we can benefit them indirectly as well.

Maybe one person won't buy that new fur coat because she read someone's purse and it made her really think about that fur and where it came from. Maybe a handfull of people will boycott the circus when it comes through town, simply because they walked past our Elephant purse in a local boutique.

That is our hope here at Calico Dragon. We also donate a portion of our profits to the designated charities (see Charities).

There are so very many wonderful, bags with powerful sayings, here are some of my favorites:



I was so very fortunate to be able to review:

Caterpillar tote “Teaching a Child Not to Step on a Caterpillar is as Valuable to the Child as it is to the Caterpillar”

In a size Large tote.

My Review:

I am an animal lover, and the thought that others may hurt and mistreat animals out there just makes me ill. I was so very happy when I heard that I would have the chance to review a bag from Calico Dragon bags. It took me a while to figure out what one I wanted to review, there are so many great bags. I picked the Caterpillar Large tote

“Teaching a Child Not to Step on a Caterpillar is as Valuable to the Child as it is to the Caterpillar”

I just love the quote, it is just so meaningful. And so true. When the bag arrived, I could not wait to use it. I used it as my tote bag for work. As a working mother, I have to take multiple forms of transportation to get to work and I have to have a tote bag to travel with. I have my book, my lunch and other essentials in my tote bag. All of my items fit nicely in the caterpillar tote. And I was able to travel to work with a stylish bag with a great message.

I love the feel of the bag, it is well made and travels well. I can’t wait for my next vacation, this will surely be my travel bag for the airport. When I travel I bring so many things to entertain my daughter (and myself) this will be a great bag for travel too.  And I love that the people who see this bag might get something from the saying. Just going little things for animals can help so much.

So if you would love a great bag that supports great causes, and helps spread the word about saving animals; make sure to check out Calico Dragon bags, they have a wonderful assortment of bags. The bags come in small and large sizes.

A portion of the profits for each bag that is sold is donated to the following select charities:

Wow, that is a great list, of deserving charities. It is nice to see a company that really cares, and wants to help, who not only helps to bring awareness to the plight of these animals. But also donates money to help them as well, that is so very great.

They also have some great t-shirts on the site as well. They have one design out already and are in the process of releasing 2 more. Lost design is currently available.  And the Whips & Chains and our Born to Die design are coming soon.

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, take a look around the site, and I am sure you will find a bag that is perfect for your special valentine.  If you know a dog lover, a cat lover or just a lover of animals. Calico Dragon bags will have the perfect gift for those special people in your life.

Buy it:
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