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Chatman an Online Friend - Review

Chatman is a physical figure which plugs into your child’s computer via a USB port and comes with his own software. Chatman sits by your child’s computer and interacts with him/her via direct chatting or by responding to their Internet chats with friends (if they use Facebook™, MSN™ or Skype™). Chatman helps with homework, provides voice reminders and much more. As a result of his 'real life' qualities and functions, a friendship forms between the child and Chatman. A caring, sharing relationship develops, giving children a way to express their thoughts and creativity. Once installed, your child can talk (via chat) to Chatman, and hear Chatman respond. Chatman’s responses are fun & diverse, involving voice and movement of his eyes, hands and antennae in response to the IM being exchanged. Using the software provided, your child can create words, phrases and sounds for Chatman to repeat, as well as physical gestures for him to perform; (these are called Chit Chats) expanding their vocabulary, interacting and responding to a variety of moods and emotions.

My Review:

I remember when I was my daughters age it wasn’t all that long ago but back in the olden times of the 80s we really had to learn to keep ourselves amused without the help of computers, video games and 24 hours cartoon networks. Keeping my daughters attention is tough, really tough, she’s bored with things in a matter of seconds, it’s frustrating and we’re trying to break her of her instant boredom and I think we’ve found something to do the job.

Chatman ( is just about the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a long time, this is an amazing toy and the most important thing is it kept my daughters attention for HOURS last night when we set him up. Chatman is like a deeply layered toy, you keep peeling away layers and it gets better and better. It was the cutest thing watching my daughter who’s just really learning how to spell have a conversation with Chatman (our Chatman is a girl named Ginger) some of the words she spelled correctly and some well… But the thing I like is it is keeping her occupied and helping her learn, she has to be able to spell to talk to Ginger and she wants Ginger to understand what she’s saying. Trick them into learning!

 Check out the ease of set up for Chatman, and look how cute he is!

My daughter just loves the computer, she has since she was three years old. Now that she is seven, it is no different.  I am always concerned about what she could do/see on the internet. Now Chatman is here to help, I can customize it for my daughter, and Chatman “chats” with her, she can even ask for homework help. The best feature of Chatman in my opinion is, it can filter inappropriate results when my daughter browses the internet!  What a great thing.

The Chatman itself is very cool, the articulated hands and antenna are cool, the eye’s move in conjunction to what they’re saying and the mouth is really neat! I’m floored that this little yellow guy sitting on my desk is this deep, and one of the best features is Chatman can learn! You can teach your Chatman a whole bunch of words and phrases and make your Chatman really unique. On top of the all this is the interactive Chatman website that features games, videos, music and so much more. My daughter loved Chatman, it kept her interest let me repeat that IT KEPT HER INTEREST! In a society where kids get bored in nanoseconds having a product that keeps them occupied and can constantly learn to keep itself fresh is worth its weight in gold.
Buy it:

What a great gift this would make! Do you know a child that loves the computer, but you are concerned about their safety? Chatrooms are scary, and you just never know what goes on, on facebook or twitter. But Chatman is here to help your child or that special someone be safer chatting.

I think Chatman is perfect for kids ages 6-12 Chatman retails for $74.99 and is available at and and

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