Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #11 #NSNation

Well here we are at week 11 Nutrisystem. What a week it has been, running around for the holidays and just getting ready for the Mummers parade party at my house.

Yes it is a New Year, and I am looking forward to the new me. The new smaller Nutrisystem me.  Now I want to share something with you, my goal. Now I know I should have mentioned this to you all before, but I was uncertain at first… I did not want to jinx myself or bite off more than I can chew…. My goal is 60 pounds. Yes 60. And when (not if) I reach my goal. I am going to plan to go to Paris! If I reach my lifelong goal with my weight, I wanted to treat myself with my lifelong vacation dream.

Have you heard Nutrisystem has changed the program a little they now have the Nutrisystem Success program. This program is a bit like the older Nutrisystem program, you can still enjoy the breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and of course dessert (mmmm!) They have added a great looking protein shake that you can have daily as well. Who am I to argue, with more food added to the day? And especially something that looks this delicious? The shake flavors are: Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry and Chocolate

Look at the delicious looking Coffee shake. It looks like another dessert! 

Nutrisystem Week 11
Pounds Lost this week: 2
Total lost: 26

I weighed myself and I lost 4 pounds as of 12/31/11. And since I had such a bad day on 1/1/12 as of weigh day I only lost 2 lbs. So I will just count the two pounds lost. (even though I am sure the 2 other pounds will be gone in a few days). I have to admit it, I overdid it on New Year’s day : (  I know what I should have done, and what I should not have eaten/drunken I know I know. 

But I made a mistake and went all out, bad bad cheater. Ugh. What a way to start the new year right? Well right back on the wagon for me. I was just so upset. I really would have been up to 28 lbs. lost, if I hadn’t been so bad on new year’s. Well I can’t cry over spilled milk, I have to pick myself up and keep going.

That 30 pound mark would be that much closer.  With Nutrisystem, I know that even if I have a bad day I can just start a new day. And I will be right back to losing weight next week. Oh and I have to mention, during the holidays everyone, said how great I looked. It kind of made me blush… : ) 

I am loving the way my clothes fit, and I am getting ready for the summer. I am hoping to reach my 60 pound goal by June/July. I know I will have to do this right, I am no longer doing the yo-yo diet/crash diet thing. And with Nutrisystem, I know I will have the knowledge of eating the right portions to keep it off.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem, and join me on the program? If you would like to follow my progress please click here.

Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or visiting Nutrisystem.

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