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Tips for Families Visiting Walt Disney World for the First Time

Guest Post by Amanda

Tips for Families Visiting Walt Disney World for the First Time

When Walt Disney set upon creating his Florida-based theme park resort, he was fully intent on truly making it a place apart from the outside world. While Disney never lived to see it, Walt Disney World has certainly lived up to his expectations and beyond. The 30,000-acre resort features four theme parks, two water parks, and more than 30 on-site hotels, 23 of which are Disney-operated. In addition, Downtown Disney as well as several other outlying institutions in the Orlando area offer even more options to choose from for visitors. It's a daunting place in which to plan a vacation, especially for those visiting for the first time.
From the experiences of someone who's been to Walt Disney World a number of times, here's a series of tips that will prove useful to first-time guests of Walt Disney World:

Leave the car behind

Daily rates for parking at Walt Disney World are particularly expensive - $14.00 per day for cars and $15.00 for campers/trailers. If you're flying into Orlando and staying at a Disney hotel, take a cab into the resort and take advantage of the buses and trams offered to guests of the park.

Stay at an on-site hotel

It's advantageous to stay at a Disney hotel for more than just the easy transport. If you're flying in from Orlando, your bags will be brought to and from your chosen hotel free of charge. Purchases made throughout the day will be delivered to your hotel room. In addition, park hours are extended for Disney hotel guests.

Plan the way you pay

Expect lots of little purchases, especially if you're taking kids along. If you're from out of the country, look into no foreign transaction fee credit cards. For those from the States, a cash back credit card is a smart option. On-site ATMs are likely to have high fees, so if you wish to use cash, make a withdrawal ahead of time.

Bring snacks and water bottles

Edibles and beverages are not cheap within Walt Disney World. Save some money by bringing your own snacks, which prove invaluable while you wait in line. Instead of buying dozens of bottles of water throughout your stay, which is both economically unwise and environmentally unsound, bring reusable bottles and refill them at water fountains found throughout the parks.

Swear by the Fastpass

Introduced in 1999, the Fastpass is a system designed to reduce waiting for park guests in lines for rides. Guests collect vouchers from a dispenser, which assign them a specific time to return to the attraction. In the meantime, you and your family can experience attractions with shorter lines, or do just about anything else that's more exciting than waiting in a queue.

Get as much information as possible

Walt Disney World wants you and your family as guests in their resort, and make the information about their parks and hotels readily available online. By visiting their website for visitors, you have just about any question you have about the parks answered ahead of time. While you should always keep in mind the fact that they are a company trying to sell you something, it certainly doesn't hurt to take advantage of all the information Disney provides in an attempt to bring you through the turnstile.
Walt Disney World may seem like an intimidating place to spend a vacation, especially when you're bringing children along. But with some planning and predetermined understanding of how things work within the resort, it's a sure bet that you and your family will be leaving Walt Disney World with one thought on your minds: “When's the soonest we can be back?”

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