Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips - Review

Are you looking for a great snack company that has a great product, chips that are gluten free as well? And really cares about the environment? Well I have a great company to introduce you to.  Whale Chips! Here is a little information about the Whale Chips company from the website:

The only Dangerously Delicious Gluten FREE, Organic, Non GMO, 0 Trans Fat, Kosher, Low Sodium, tortilla chips with an " Ocean View "
Yellow Corn seasoned with Alaea Red Hawaiian Sea Salt, Blue Corn infused with the rediscovered Mayan Superseed CHIA ( high in Omega3's) and Savory Hawaiian BBQ flavor tortilla chips sweetened with tropical sun - ripened mango.

About their Mission:

To Create, Make, and distribute the finest quality and most naturally innovative Corn Chips available. To maintain a commitment to utilizing wholesome ingredients as well as socially and environmentally responsible business practices that promote the understanding and preservation of Whales and the World we all share.
We Invite You To Join Us in An Ocean Of Possibilities It starts with your choice!

 Whales are truly amazing and majestic mammals. To see them in the wild is to understand that there’s a connection and a willingness to expand our mutual interest and admiration. A wise man once said that in order, to live on the land we must learn from the sea. Join us and be a part of our journey as we grow towards a greater understanding of these gentle giants, learning a little more about ourselves along the way.

My Review:

I am in love with these chips. Whale Chips are the most delicious chips I have ever had.. There I said it. It is so true!

These chips are surely not lacking flavor. They are so very tasty. I was able to test 3 flavors of Whale Chips.  Original Flavor Yellow Organic Corn with "Alaea" Red Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt, blue corn flavor, and Hawaiian barbecue.

My favorite was the original chips. They had the best tortilla chip flavor ever (in my opinion) they had just the right amount of sea salt. And a great crunch.  They are delicious.

Have you ever had a bbq chip that was sweetened with sun ripened mango? Well it is as delicious as it sounds. You just have to try this for yourself. The Hawaiian was my  husband’s favorite. He just loved the pop of flavor. The bbq is chock full of bbq flavor.

Now off to the most opinionated person in the household. My daughter, how did she like the chips? Well I was certain she would just rave about the Hawaiian BBQ, she liked them a lot. But her favorite was the Blue chips! I think she thought they were just so cool. Blue chips.  Well she is 7, so it is the little things that impress her.

But I am impressed at the great flavor of each of the flavors. If you are going to snack why not have the best? I also love that the bags that the chips are in are biodegradable. Virtually every piece of plastic ever invented(unless incinerated) still exists (so all of those chip bags you had as a child still exist). 

 Whale Tails Chips had to find a biodegradable plastic where Whale Tails Chips could stay fresh with no preservatives in a bag guaranteed to break down in a landfill leaving plastic behind. After 3 years Whale Tails Chips are packaged in a commercially viable the film is 69% degradable in a municipal landfill that is void of heat, pressure, light, and oxygen. This is so wonderful, that they really care.

So if you are planning any Super Bowl parties, and want something that is really different and delicious. Whale Chips are what you need for your party!  And if you make an order from Jan 5- Feb 5th you can get 20% off of your order. Make sure to check out the code at the end of this post.

And I think the whale shapes are not only cute, I think they make the chips easier to eat. No worries about the triangle points poking you in the mouth.

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips  have partnered with Wyland Foundation.  Wyland’s famous seascapes will be featured on each of the three flavors of Whale Tails: Hawaiian barbecue will feature “Dawn of Creation,” blue corn flavor will feature “Orca Journey” and the original yellow corn will feature “Hawaii Endangered Species”.

 I just love the Wyland’s art on the bags. One of my must visits in Disney World is Wyland’s art gallery on the Polynesian hotel. I just love to see all of the great sea art. Whales are just such majestic and beautiful creatures. 

Buy it:

To purchase these great tortilla chips please visit the Whale Chips site: http://www.whaletailschips.com

And if you shop now you can get a great 20% off discount.

Head over the  product page select your flavors, when your done shopping go to checkout to review your order and enter the promo code : OrganicGameWatchos for a 20% discount on orders of $30. or more between January 5 and February 5, 2012.

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