Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Choosing A Cute Bed For Your New Puppy

Guest Post by Robert O.

If you've bought a new puppy, you'll need to make sure that you have certain things in place before it arrives at your home. In order to help your puppy settle in properly, ensure that everything is ready in good time. If you're stressing and running around the minute before the puppy enters the house, he'll be even more scared and fretful than he already is.

When choosing a dog bed, one of the most obvious things to consider is the size. Is it a small puppy or has he already grown quite a bit? How big will he grow up to be? If it's a small dog breed, you can buy a small dog bed that he will be able to sleep in even in the next few months as he grows up. However, if you've got a dog that will grow to be much bigger, you may have to replace the dog bed every few months for the first year or so, which means you'll be buying quite a few dog beds! While you could buy a big bed that he can sleep in while he's only small, you'll risk the possibility of your puppy shying away from it because it's too big. If your dog wants something nice and cozy to snuggle up in, he may not like the idea of a bed that's five times his size. As a result, he may never get used to his own bed, and you may be tempted to let him get into the habit of sleeping in your bed!

If the puppy is a present for your children, they'll probably be very excited to choose all the accessories themselves. It will be the colorful and cute dog beds that stand out to them in the shop, and there's nothing wrong with getting a dog bed that has cartoons printed on it. Just make sure that you're not compromising quality. At the end of the day, your dog is more concerned about how comfortable he is and not what his bed looks like.

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