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Grado Labs GR8 Headphones - Review

Grado, one of the oldest family owned companies in the Audio industry has for almost 60 years, been one of the leaders in design engineering for the high-end audio and recording industries. Grado is famous for its remarkable headphone and phono cartridge designs. Grado products have been acclaimed best value in their price category from publications around the world.
At Grado, our goal is to continually improve on the reputation we have spent over 50 years creating. The music is the most important element, and with the products we produce, your feet will be tapping and your head will be bobbing.

We also understand the need to offer superior quality control and customer service, and each day we strive to continue to keep our customers satisfied.

Your continued happiness contributes to our continued success.

A proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance.
Small size allows earphone to nestle well within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort.

Raised dot on left earphone provides tactile indication of channel allowing earphones to be put on correctly even in the dark.
3 pair ear tips (small, medium, large; proprietary blend of two silicon rubber materials)
Ear wax proof cloth x4
ar wax proof cloth ring x2

My Review:

I take the subway into work every morning and one of my issues with this method of transportation is that I can hardly hear my music! My iPod is essentially useless when I’m on the subway because my earbuds are in the words of my husband “garbage.” I never really thought much about earbuds/headphones I just used what came with my iPod and I was happy, I didn’t know any better. I know better now and I realize what I was missing out on.

I was sent a set of earbuds from Grado and these little wonders are AMAZING! I can hear in the subway! Wow…I didn’t think that was really possible. My husband laughs at me because I was happy with my little white Apple earbuds, you spend all that money on a really nice mp3 player and they give you ten dollar earbuds that are tinny, don’t stay in your ear and produce sound slightly louder than a whisper. 

My GR8 earbuds from Grado are simply wonderful; the sound these little gems make is simply astounding, the highs the lows and the mids are all clearly heard and the sound is crisp and I do not have to have my iPod cranked up to max level. And on top of it all I can hear my music while sitting in the noisy subway! 

The earbuds are comfortable and fit in my ears nicely; they come with a few different size tips making it easy to find the right size for your ears. Once put into your ears they create a seal blocking out external sounds as I now know that’s why I couldn’t hear anything on the subway! My husband would laugh at me when we’re on a plane and I’m jabbing my old buds into my ears deeper because I couldn’t hear all that well, I’m going deaf because I have my sounds cranked up to max and the buds and tickling my brain I have them so jammed into my ears. 

When he would buy new earbuds I’d always question the price and he’d tell me you get what you pay for and I would just chalk that up to him wanting to spend money on something frivolous. He was right…don’t tell him I said that! I lent him my aptly named GR8 buds (because in my husband’s words they are GREAT buds!) He uses his mp3 player all day at work so he has buds in his ears for the better part of six hours plus a day, he came home and didn’t want to give them back to me! They were comfortable and easy to put in, he liked the little nub on the left bud letting him know it’s the left bud without having to look so for the few times he has to remove them putting them back in the correct ears was a breeze. 

If you travel by subway or travel a lot a good set of earbuds are essential to have and the GR8 earbuds from Grado are absolutely worth every penny. Why spend all that money on your mp3 player just to struggle to hear? Do yourself a favor and get some decent buds from Grado your ears will thank you.

Buy it:
To buy these wonderful earbuds please visit Grado Labs

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