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Primo Flavorstation 100 – Review (And a Giveaway)

Do you love soda? Are your kids soda lovers as well? Well I have a wonderful company to introduce you to, Primo . They make the great PrimoFlavorstation 100, a way to make soda at home! Yes you read that right. Make soda yourself in your own home. Here is a little more information about the company from the website:

The Primo Flavorstation! The Flavorstation is a home beverage maker that allows you to create fresh sparkling beverages at the touch of a button. Do you want better living at your fingertips? Now you can have it with a Primo Flavorstation 100. Create fresh, sparkling beverages at the touch of a button! The Flavorstation 100 takes up very little counter space and looks great in any kitchen. You will have the power to serve your family’s favorite sodas, teas, fruit sparklers and energy drinks with just a touch!

The basic kit includes:

·         Appliance
·         Primo Sparkler - CO2 Cylinder
·         Sport Bottle
·         3 Beverage Mix Pumps
·         Measuring Spoon

The kit is available at Lowes, for $79.99

My Review:

My family just loves soda. But buying so much soda can get very expensive. And having cases of soda around the house, and cans filling the refrigerator can be a pain. We live in a fairly small house and having to store cases of soda is hard for us. All of our available storage space is used for other items so having soda cases just clutters the house. But now my family has another option! With the fabulous Flavorstation!  We were very fortunate to be able to review this great appliance.

The unit was incredibly easy to set up. It only took a few minutes from opening it to getting sparking soda. The hardest part was getting it from the box, it is packed well (and that is a good thing). But how would the soda taste? We are accustomed to a certain flavor with our sodas. And we have had “homemade” soda before. (we purchased homemade root beer from a flea market… oh my goodness it was the most horrible thing I have ever tasted!) And it was not good. But my family was eager to give this unit a shot.

When the unit was set up, we decided to try the diet cola first. We just cleaned the reusable bottles and the pumps that came with the kit. Then we picked out our “color” bands, so we would know who’s bottle was who’s. The choices were, blue, yellow, red and green.  OF course being the girly girl my daughter is she just had to have the red bad, and she asked why they didn’t they have pink bands? I picked the yellow band and my husband picked the blue. It is a nice touch to easily be able to tell the owner of the bottle by the color.

Now we are down to business, making the soda! First screw in the bottle to the unit. Make sure it is secure, then you pump the unit three times. Then your hear a buzzing type sound, almost done! Then press the red bar to release some excess gas. Then unscrew the bottle, add three pumps of the diet cola beverage mix, you lightly rock the bottle to mix (do not shake!! This is soda, after all) then you are ready to drink.

I loved the real diet cola taste, this was just like I opened a can of soda. Full of sparkling goodness. It tasted just like the diet cola that I love. My husband was very impressed as well.  He agreed it tasted just like the one we would drink from the cans.

My daughter was a big fan of the sparkling peach tea flavor. She had never had parking tea before and she just loved the unique flavor. I tasted it as well it was very good.

Over the weekend we had guests over, and they were all amazed at our soda machine. They were able to taste, the cola, and all of the other flavors. The diet energy drink was a hit too.

I love the way the appliance just fits in so well in our kitchen, the white unit goes so well with our yellow and green kitchen colors. And the beverage flavor bottles are so small that they can fit in the cabinet or on the counter with ease. Even though they are small, the 16.9 oz bottles of the sparking beverage mix creates 24 – 12oz cans, a whole case of soda from that small bottle, wow! Well that is going to save us a lot of space! Yes! The flavors are 100% natural flavors and contain no high fructose corn syrup. 

I love that this unit does not need batteries, and does not have to be plugged it! One less thing to remember to charge, or to have to buy batteries for, that is a great thing!

So if you are looking to get some space back in your refrigerator, or to just save money on soda. A Primo Flavorstation is what you are looking for! I would recommend this, I was very impressed. You save $$ on soda, without sacrificing on the soda taste you love! They have a nice selection of classic soda flavors, fruit sparklers, teas, and energy drinks. So there will be a flavor to please everyone! I am looking forward to trying the Diet Citrus Mist, I will have to pick one up on my next trip to Lowes.

The generous folks at Primo, are offering one of Susan’s Disney Family readers a chance to win a  Flavorstation Deluxe Bundle Pack! 

  • Model FS100 Appliance
  • Primo Sports Bottle — 500 ml. ( 16.9 oz.) reusable bottle and personalized bands
  • Primo Sparkler — beverage grade CO2 cylinder
  • Primo Sparkling Beverage Mix Pumps (3)
  • Primo Sparkling Beverage Mix Spoon (1)
  • six (6) Sparkling Beverage Mixes

The winner must be from the continental US only. To enter please “like” Primo Flavorstation on Facebook. There are other ways to gain additional entries as well. Please enter below.

Buy it:

To purchase your own Flavorstation please visit the , they are also available nationwide at your local Lowes store.

“BLOG2012” and receive 15% off your online purchase at 

Win it:

One winner will win a  Primo Flavorstation Deluxe Bundle Pack a $125 ARV value

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jwfong said...

my favorite flavor is ginger ale :)

tavernie said...

Root beer is the flavor I like! Thanks for a great sweep!

susan1215 said...

I'd like to try the cola flavor

s2s2 at comcast dot net

Tina B. said...

Orange Tangerine is my favorite flavor!

Tina Renee Barker
treneebarker at hotmail dot com

xraygirl said...

I like cola.

Jody Sisson said...

My favorite flavor is Root Beer, I would love to try this.
jodysis at windstream dot net

sottovoce said...

Berry Pomegranate sounds delicious! :-) Thank you.

debijackson said...

gfc debijacksn
debbie jackson

callbr549 said...

My favourite flavour would be the Cola. :)


mverno said...

i'd like the root beer

Holly Hook said...

My favorite would probably be gingerale.

hook6475 at yahoo .com

thanks for another great giveaway!

Cweller75 said...

My favorite flavor is rootbeer

Jackie said...

I think my family would like the Berry Pomegranate
Thank you!

Rachel said...

I would like to try root beer

Kristie Tadlock said...

My favorite flavor would be the peach tea.

Unknown said...

I'm a Mountain Dew fanatic so I have a feeling I would LOVE the Citrus Mist!


debdenny said...

peach tea or berry pom
debdenny at centurytel dot net

jam417025 said...

My favorite flavor is Cola

jam417025 said...

My favorite flavor is Cola

Anonymous said...

One 16.9 fl oz. bottle of Sparkling Beverage Mix makes the equivalent of 24 cans of soda.

johnnyp said...

I would like to try the cola

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

favorite flavor is cola

Anonymous said...

i like Berry Pomegranate
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sweetsue said...

I would like to try Diet Citrus Mist.
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Ashley Morrissey said...

I'd like to try Berry Pomegranate!!

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-Ashley Marie Morrissey

russrpm said...

My favorite flavor is ginger ale.

latanya t said...


Deborah Hogue said...

I would so love to have one of these at home, would save me a fortune on soda. My favorite flavor would be gingerale said...

gfc brittney house and I like ginger ale.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite would be the Diet Energy flavor.


Lean said...

My favorite has to be Citrus Mist LeanS12(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite flavor would end up being the "diet doc's soda"!
kitty32504 at cox dot net

weta1972 said...

Orange Tangerine

Hoa said...

I like the berry pomegranate flavor.


brich2222 said...

diet citrus mist is one fav. flavor

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brich2222 said...

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Stacey P (cosaver213) said...

I love root beer :)

Kathy P said...

i like the citrus mist

michedt said...

I'd like to try the ginger ale.

Allyson Bossie said...

%Root Beer is my favorite flavor!
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kat said...

I would love to try the Ginger Ale.

daveshir2005 said...

I'd like to try the Apple Pear

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bigbossross1 said...

I would like to try the ginger ale
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dlhaley said...

I would like to try the root beer soda.

Anonymous said...

My favorite flavor would definitely be cola. Cola is the only soda I drink, and I usually like most brands.

c allen said...

i would love to try the root beer thanks crystal allen

wallindeb said...

I would like to try Diet Citrus Mist.

Timshaun said...

WOuld love the apple pear
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BeautyToLove said...

Flavor: cola and energy

Email: starseeds88 (at) yahoo dot com

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