Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Test Track will closed for refurbishment! What will change?

With Test Track being closed for refurbishment I got to thinking about it and I came to the realization that Test Track is my absolute all time favorite ride anywhere... Star Tours is a close second and Space Mountain isn't too far behind... But I must admit I'm afraid, I'm very afraid! I'm afraid that the Imagineer's will over think and screw up a pretty fantastic ride, does it have its warts? Sure, no ride is 100% perfect and I admit Test Track needs to be given a fresh coat of paint. When we were last in the World in August and rode TT our car needed some love, the video screen was wonky and the audio was a little tinny, fix it and move along... Just move along and leave the ride alone... 

For me there is no greater thrill than when you slam into the "crash test wall" and start your ride experience outside... I've ridden TT countless times and I still yell the same thing "FASTER FASTER!!" You hit 65 mph and the wind is making minced meat out of your hair and you're (me) holding onto your hat and all the while I'm laughing like a kid because I'm having so much fun just being whisked around the track at the speed limit... I'd like to see Disney spruce up my favorite ride, all rides need a little plussing now and then, but the age old adage is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Clean it up, make it pretty, if you want my opinion make the outside portion of the ride longer and maybe amp up the horse power of the ride lets go faster than the speed limit! Why go 65 when I do that myself? 

A true sign of how good an attraction is the wait times to get on it and every time we're at EPCOT at rope drop one half of the mass goes to the right for Soarin' and the other half goes left for Test Track... There is always a wait for TT, people love it and with good reason it's an amazingly cool ride! You don't need to reinvent the wheel here, so minor tweaks here and there and you're golden... As I stated before maybe make the outside portion longer and turn up the horse power is all I'd like to see and open up track B! 

I know the new TT will be interactive... And the working name is something like Lets Push Some Buttons and See What Happens Test Track by Chevy (OK I made that up...) I don't need all of my rides to be interactive, sometimes I just want to sit and enjoy the experience... Stop over thinking! I know Chevy will be hands on with the rehab and the ride vehicle's will look like Chevy Cruze's (there goes my going faster wish!) I'm just concerned that the ride that brought me countless thrills will just be an add for Chevy and bore me out of my mind... Let Chevy stick to designing cars and Imagineer's stick to designing rides! If we didn't have to have every single ride at EPCOT sponsored by someone other than Disney I think things would be better... The wheel is fine round it works best that way...

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