Friday, February 24, 2012

A week with 20 Second fitness! (Week 1)

So first let me start with introducing you this great company 20 Second Fitness 

20 Second Fitness is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program designed for any person, all ages and all fitness levels. When followed properly and to ones best abilities it is proven to increase metabolism longer than conventional exercise.

the co-founders are

Spencer Larson - Spencer Larson is the spokesperson and creator of 20 Second Fitness which is the result of years of personal struggle to keep the weight off and stay fit and athletic.

Spencer tried to stay ahead of his family’s history of slow metabolisms and weight gain by constantly working out or competing in organized sports. Marriage and a family slowed his life down a bit and the weight roller coaster began. His desire to race triathlons and compete was dwindling as he realized he might not be able to lose the 20 to 30 pounds he needed to race competitively. He was starting to believe the “bad genes” and “age” excuses.

A conversation with Dr. Charles Mok led him to see the value in maximum effort interval training. Spencer took these philosophies and created 20 Second Fitness.

About Dr. Charles Mok - Dr. Mok is a triple board certified physician and the owner of one of the busiest medical spas in America. He sees thousands of patients each year who are struggling to lose weight. The number one excuse he hears from his patients about exercise is, “I don’t have time for an hour a day.” To overcome this excuse, he and Spencer developed 20 Second Fitness to be as quick and efficient as possible. At 47, he is one of the fittest doctors in America.

  4 reasons why 20 Second Fitness works for so many people and why it will work for you

  1. It’s easy to make a way of life and it fits into your lifestyle as easily as brushing your teeth!
Spencer always says, “It doesn’t matter how good an exercise program is, if it can’t become a way of life it won’t get you lasting results.” With 20 Second Fitness being as short as 4 minutes a day, it can fit into even the busiest of days!
  1. It works with all ages and fitness levels!
20 Second Fitness is about starting where you are at today health and fitness-wise. Whether it’s your first workout in years or you’re an elite athlete, you do the workouts at your own personal, maximum effort and build on it from there. Disc X goes over every exercise and shows the variations that will fit with any fitness level.
  1. It’s up to 12 times as effective as other workouts.
We want fast and efficient. For example, we all prefer high speed internet over dial-up. 20 Second Fitness is the high speed internet of fitness. It’s scientifically proven to burn up to 12 times the calories as other workouts. What this means is that 4 minutes can burn up to the same amount of calories as 48 minutes of traditional workouts. So think what 8 or 12 minutes could do for you!
  1. No strict dieting or calorie counting
20 Second Fitness is about boosting your metabolism, building lean muscle and changing the way your body burns calories. This combined with healthy and sensible eating leads to lasting results. We believe in a real world approach to losing weight!

Week 1

As you all know, I have been dieting and I have been doing pretty well, but now I am at a standstill. It seems like the weight is not falling off as well as it was before.
I was very fortunate to be able to review a great fitness routine, 20 second Fitness. The 20 Second Fitness Program (6 DVDs, 40 unique workouts, food guide, progress calendar, and stretch cords!).

Well here we are after week one, with 20 second fitness. And I have to say whew…. I thought that when I worked out before I was working out… Well I was wrong!  Wow! This is a workout. I really had my heart rate up and I was sweating (well that is kind of gross, but sweating is good, that is what will get me off to losing more weight) I started out on medium because I thought that was just fine for me. Since I have been working out (well my version of working out, walking and riding the bike ) for a few months regularly.  This was different, I really felt like I was working out, and making a difference. I am not in shape. I can admit it, even though I have lost weight I am not in the shape I want to be in.

And I feel that this will help me be where I want to be.

  I just have to get used to the bands, they are not something I have ever really used (they are something my hubby likes to use) I am afraid they will pop on me. (I am sure they will not, they are made well, it is just a fear of mine!).

I dedicated 4 minutes each day to the system. No if’s ands or butts. If I was tired, I still did it. If I was out all day as soon as I got home I did it. Now you might not think 4 minutes is much, what is it the time it takes to listen to two short songs?  After a week I feel more energetic, and I am looking forward to getting more toned.

After one week I can see my pants fit better, my belly seems to be shrinking (thank goodness!).

Well make sure to check back here next Friday for week 2’s report. If I survive. Ha Ha just kidding. But this is really what I needed to kick myself into gear.  Seeing the before and after pictures and stories, this is just what I needed to say, I can do this!

Make sure to check back to follow me on my journey to a tighter slimmer me!  Check back each Friday for the weeks update. I am looking forward to a slimmer toner me for the summer!

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I'll be checking by to see how it's going. Thanks for sharing!

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This looks like a great program, so I am going to go ahead and check into this.

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