Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life Saving Minimally invasive Heart Surgery

Have you ever had a moment in your life that seemed surreal, this is not really happening.

I received a call around 3:00 in the morning waking me up with a shock. My father had had a heart attack, a sudden and sever heart attack. There was nothing I could do, I felt so useless, and was so very concerned. But all I could do was wait to hear more information…. What is going to happen?!? I received another call about an hour later, things were worse than they seemed my father needed minimally invasive heart surgery 
This was a scary thing to hear, but he had to do what he had to do.
My father was a guy who ate what he wanted and lived like on his terms and not paying attention to his body lead to a bad heart attack.  As soon as I could get to the hospital, I had to go. My mother was so very upset, as you would assume. We both knew that things had to change for my dad, if he was going to make it and live a long healthy life, if he wanted to see his grandchildren grow up, things had to change now.

Days later when my father came home from the hospital, he knew he would now have to take better care of his body, with exercise, and a better way of eating. Sure he was a bid upset that, the super double greasy cheese burgers he loved had to be a thing of the past, but he wanted to live, and live for a long time. He was willing to make the change, and today he is doing much better. But I will never forget that scary day, and because of the scare my husband has given up his bad eating habits as well.

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