Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh No! My Plumbing Repair Emergency

I am sure you have had some bad plumbing experiences in your time. I for the most part have been extremely lucky and have had not that many troubles… Well that ended a few weeks ago. Let me tell you about my little horror story about plumbing repair. Well let’s start from the beginning.

What could be better than a little bathroom makeover, it is the little things that make the difference. A new curtain, a new rug and new faucets. Having new faucets may seem like an easy thing to put in right? Well no we had to hire a plumber because our pipes were only meant to fit with one type of faucet. Our house is very old and so was our faucets, so they were tight and hard to use. The plumber told us that we would have to have some pipes changed in order to get the nice fancy faucets we have always wanted. So what are you going to do, we wanted new nice faucets so the pipes had to be changed. So the plumber started the process, well it seemed to be more difficult that that, when he opened the wall the pipes were half covered in cement and (why? I don’t know?) and the cement had to be partially drilled away just to be able to get to the pipes. After hours of drilling and working on the pipes, voila! We had wonderful new faucets, the bathroom looked so very nice. A nice little makeover.

Well then the story changed… It all started on a nice sunny morning, the next morning I was up early for work, took a shower ( I love my showers, they are my escape time, and I take my time in the shower.) and got dressed.  I went downstairs to have my coffee and head out the door, I entered the kitchen (the kitecn is directly below the bathroom) and I was in shock! It was “raining” in the kitchen, the water was all over the floor and it was dripping down from the ceiling. I did not know what to do, it was horrible! Thank God I did not turn the light on, we could have had a fire! I spent the day mopping up and we had to have the ceiling replaced.

So after calling another plumber (the first did a terrible job!, did he forget to put the pipes back in??) our pipes were fixed. What happened to the little makeover, this turned out to be a mess. Moral to the story make sure to get a reputable plumber in the first place.

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