Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sitter available on DVD now~

 If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh out loud many times, then I have the movie for you! The Sitter!

Arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download March 20th

Take a trash talking horny college student, mix him with a first time baby sitting job, and an adventure to visit his girlfriend and you have yourself one crazy sitter!  After Jonah's mother asks him to babysit some children for a friend of hers so she can go on a date, he soon gives in and lands himself a baby sitting job. 

Once he arrives he meets the kids - a sensitive boy who is keeping a secret, a young girl that dreams of being a movie star, and an adopted kid who is really into fires and bombs.  If dealing with the kids isn't enough his so called girlfriend asks him to visit her at a party and soon he gives in to her request, only problem is he must take the kids with him!  See what happens when three crazy kids, one crazy babysitter head out on a night time trip which ends up becoming one huge hilarious adventure!      

Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Noah Goes Downtown – Extended
  • Noah and Slater Talk About Twins – Extended
  • Getting the Minivan – Extended
  • Karl’s Back Room – Extended
  • Karl Hugs It Out – Deleted
  • Kids on the Curb – Deleted
  • Meeting Karl in Chinatown – Extended
  • Noah Calls Stephanie – Deleted
  • Brooklyn Party Scenes – Deleted
  • Alternate Ending: Carousel Fight

Gag Reel
“Totally Irresponsible” outtakes
“For Your Consideration” with Blythe featurette
“The Making of The Sitter” featurette
“Jonah the Producer” featurette

Our Take:

The Sitter might be the last film chubby Jonah Hill made, I was afraid when he lost all the weight he did he’d try to become a “serious” actor, which he did in Money Ball but he went and totally redeemed himself with 21 Jump Street. The Sitter is a bit of a throwback to the 80s in a way, the 80s were loaded with “R” rated comedies. That kind of movie went away in the 90s and is now trying to make a comeback of sorts.
The Sitter is a funny, funny movie. But be warned don’t watch it with your kids or watch it if they’re within ear shot. It’s a laugh fest with Noah (Jonah Hill) a recently suspended college student stuck living with his mother taking a job watching the unruly Pedulla kids. That’s the easy part of the write up, trying to stay spoiler free and family friendly is rough!
Long story short Noah needs to procure nefarious items to get the “affection” of his girlfriend, on the run for said items. Stealing the car of Mrs. Pedulla, Noah takes the kids into the city on his run and meets with Karl (Sam Rockwell) who likes to hide a certain item in expensive dinosaur eggs. One of the kids makes off with an egg and spills its contents causing Karl to become upset and demanding Noah come up with $10,000 or he will be killed. I’m going to end it here because if I go any further it will spoil the movie.
This was a funny movie, so much so I thought my husband was going to have a seizure or swallow his tongue he was laughing so hard. He has a tendency to find humor in the oddest things…. He’s odd… But we really enjoyed the movie; it was a funny flick in the mold of the great “R” rated comedies of the 80s. Is it family friendly? No, it isn’t. But it is funny as all heck and if you’re looking to just sit back and have a good laugh pick up The Sitter.

Make sure to check this out :)

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