Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unjunk Your Junk Food book review

 Are you looking for an easy to read fun way to get rid of that junk food.. Well you don't have to get rid of it, just make it less junky and better for you. Make sure you check out the new book Unjunk your Junk food. Here is a little more information about the  book from the publisher:

Here is a fun, easy-to-use reference guide to eating "healthier" snacks and natural foods free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, food colorings, trans-fats, and toxic food additives. Each chapter focuses on a different type of junk food and includes a list of specific ingredients to avoid in each category.

My review:

I was recently given the chance to read this great book, Unjunk your Junk food. This book lists healthy alternatives to  conventional snacks. As you all know I am trying to eat better. Not just for my diet, but as a lifestyle change. I want to love a healthier life. No more yucky junk food clogging up my insides. But what now? I love to snack, and snacking on fruits and veggies is great, but sometimes it can get a bit boring... This book really opened up the world of natural snacks to me, it is amazing how many great snacks that are out there, that are just like the old snacks I loved but are better for me.

This book is an easy read, and really kept my attention. I loved the pictures, so if you do not know about a particular product the picture and info will make it easier to find the next time you are in the store. I love some of the products on the "good side" I was surprised how much better they were for me and my family then the "junk" on the "bad" side. I loved this book and would recommend it for anyone who still loves to snack but wants to snack better.

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