Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What are your opinions on plastic surgery?

Have you ever had plastic surgery? I know when some think of surgery they shudder, and some just have no problems with it at all.  I am one of those people that just have no problems with it, if this is something you want to do, why not do it and feel better about yourself?

There are so many things surgeons can do to you to make you look thinner younger, or just look better.  But have you ever seen the prices of some procedures? the breast implants prices can be affordable, and so are the other surgeries.  A co-worker of mine recently had a breast augmentation. She was always self-conscious about her chest (I would say she was barely an A cup) and after her surgery she is a larger B. Not a drastic change, but her attitude was a change for the better. She feels better about her body, and is more outgoing. It is nice to see her enjoying dressing up, and not trying to hide anymore.

A tummy tuck was something I was always thinking of doing. As much as I exercise some places just never get any better. And a tummy tuck it something I would like to do in the future it would help my clothes fit better and I think I would look nicer. The thing I am scared of most is scarring, I have quite a few scars already from various accidents and the like. And adding more scars to that list… ugh that scares me.
Will I ever get that tummy tuck? I would like to, but we will see how things work out. I will see how thing work out from my diet plan and after I lose more weight I can see if there are any other exercises I can do to slim my belly area, then if that does not work.. Well you just may see me in my plastic surgeons office.  


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