Monday, April 16, 2012

Which type of flooring is right for your house?

From wood to laminate, from stone to carpet, the choice of available floor coverings has never
been greater and the consumer may occasionally become confused by the huge range of
materials that are on offer.

When redecorating your home or when deciding on floor coverings for a new building, it’s
important to consider the wear and tear that the surface is going to have to endure. For
example, kitchen flooring has to be very durable in order to contend with the many different
cooking substances and dropped pots and pans, that may, occasionally, end up on the floor.
With this factor in mind many people choose a vinyl or laminate covering. These materials
are easy to keep clean and can put up with a certain amount of mistreatment; children’s
muddy shoes and animal paw prints are among the prime culprits when it comes to dirtying a
kitchen floor. Ceramic floor tiles are also becoming increasingly popular for kitchen use. This
material is extremely durable and is easy to keep clean. Another bonus is that if a tile should
become damaged it can be replaced individually rather than having to buy a whole new floor
surface. It is best to use the services of a professional to install a ceramic floor.

Sitting rooms and bedrooms have traditionally had their floor surfaces covered with either a
carpet or rug. For those who are allergic to wool or wish to use a more sustainable material,
a Tigressa carpet might prove ideal. This fabric is soft and hardwearing and is made from
recyclable Nylon 6, and therefore conforms to all environmental sustainability practices.
A more expensive option is to choose either a wool or silk rug or carpet. Established
manufacturers, including the well-known Axminster and Wilton; produce carpets of quality
and beauty, but these are not necessarily the most ideal of materials if your family indulges
in splendidly wild parties where the carpets may get soiled by spilled drink or food. One
option is to cover your floor surface with a laminate surface and then place a rug over this.
Your favorite ‘Aubusson or Bokhara rug can then simply be rolled up and will not sustain any

A laminate floor is easy to maintain and the clever modern materials can imitate the more
expensive hardwood options. Hardwood is beautiful but this type of floor needs frequent
polishing and doesn’t like water or other spillages. Also, hardwood floors tend to magnify
sounds whereas a carpet will muffle noises - including those of high-heeled shoes.

A lot of families tend to use durable rugs in their kid’s bedrooms. The rugs can be replaced
as your children grow up, so the ‘Flintstone’s rug’ that they enjoyed when age seven can be
substituted for a more stylish model that will suit fashionable aspirations. Rugs come in many
materials and designs and are useful if your home’s d├ęcor tends to be frequently upgraded.

A carpet should not cover the bathroom floor, as hygiene is an important factor with this
room’s floor surface. If your budget runs to a Carrera marble floor covering, you will have a
beautiful but expensive flooring, a more viable alternative might be a vinyl floor, which is easy
to clean and comes in many differing designs and colors.

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